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juegood morning01:25
teK_good morning dear sir01:25
Romsterhopefully i haven't botched the last few updates like missing footprints this time :)01:27
jueRomster: I'd suggest to use the [notify] system to warn our users if a commit breaks stuff ;)01:38
juefrinnst: any issues with the new version of btrfs-progs?01:39
jueRomster: meant the xorg-server update01:40
jueteK_: you forgot to add the ticket wrt core/filesystem?01:41
frinnstjue nope01:41
teK_jue: no I didn't01:42
jueok :)01:42
teK_just wait for it!!101:42
frinnstI expect the raid5/6 branches to be merged soon i think01:42
juefrinnst: doing the update now01:43
frinnstyeah the xorg-server stuff will need a rebuild of various drivers right?01:45
frinnstjust input drivers or gfx too?01:46
jueinput/video is enough AFAIK01:47
jueX works for me again after rebuilding evdev and nouveau01:48
frinnstI'll compile an email to the ml01:49
jueRomster: there is a new version of libXi as well, was it intentionally to skip the update?01:51
juefrinnst: +101:58
juethe maintainer of automake wrote: ... the AM_CONFIG_HEADER will be re-introduced in 1.13.2 ;)02:11
jueteK_: is there any real difference between qemu and qemu-kvm nowadays?02:19
Romsterwell i see no brokeness yet02:20
jueRomster: if you do the xorg-server update your system is broken because your drivers no longer works02:20
Romsteri already rebuilt them02:21
jueyeah, that's the point, you have to rebuild it :)02:21
Romsteri was so eager to try new xorg-server that oi forgot too so i couldn't do sysrq even.... so i used my phone to kill x to then rebuild drivers02:21
Romsterdid not see libXi02:22
Romstermust of been released today02:22
Romsterah there it is, should of checked my emails again02:23
Romsteri'll bump it02:23
jueRomster: it's not a big issue to use [notify] with such commits and the user is informed that special action is needed02:23
juethat's at least my opinion02:24
juefrinnst: thanks for the email :)02:25
frinnstjue: lol re. the automake02:29
frinnsti feel shame :)02:29
Romsterwhat happened to mesa-demos-3202:29
Romsterthanks for the email frinnst02:32
Romsteri should have done a notify02:32
frinnstyeah but no worries. easy to miss02:33
Romsteroh it's there hmm something fishy with checking tool on that one.02:38
Romsterack you kidden me jue , after going though all ports to find ones that are broken due to automake.02:39
Romsterwhy add ti back now it'll just make all the sed work we done pointless.02:39
frinnstwell it will probably be removed in future versions :)02:46
Romsterthat's the thing it's out now why put it back in.03:00
Romsterand upstream projects should be watching the changelog of such dependencies to track changes to be done in there tree.03:01
juehe got massive complains from many people, e.g.
Romsteri honestly don't get why have devaloper snapshots off git svn etc cms for upstream projects to see if there projects build against it and make corrections as need be. then release a stable project requiring the minimum version of the dependency.03:03
Romsterand it was done in a new major version 1.17 iirc than in 1.16.x03:03
jueRomster: could you do me a favour and move libyaml to opt? It's rather a requirement of ruby, though you can build ruby without it, but gem is more or less broken without yaml support03:10
Romsternevermind the mesa-demos-32 if jaeger is reading i did somethng stupid edited /usr/ports/compat-32... so it thought it was up to date.03:11
Romsteroh i noticed the warning but i've never needed gem support.03:11
Romsterbut i can do that.03:11
juegreat, thank you :)03:12
Romsteryour welcome.03:12
Romsteroh it's in my repo not contrib.03:16
Romsteri need to have a very large prunning session one day on my repo03:17
Romsterjue, done03:23
Romsterhm i got a pthread and nativethreads mismatch on ruby and tcl/tk03:32
Romstercan wait. i'm gonna take a shower.03:33
AmnesiaRomster: why has libyaml become a depedency?03:56
Amnesiafor ruby*03:56
juesee the commit message03:57
Amnesia where?04:01
Amnesia[opt.git/3.0]: libyaml: initial import romster -> opt04:01
Amnesia[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] ruby: new dependency libyaml04:01
jueAmnesia: if you are subscribed to the CRUX mailing list you got a mail about it as well04:03
Amnesiaty, but I'm not really that fond of mails:)04:03
juewell, it's a must have if you run crux04:05
Amnesiaah read it, ty04:05
Amnesiajue: why?04:05
jueit's a low volume list, so don't be afraid ;)04:05
juewhy? because we ann security fixes etc. to that list04:06
jueand even such things like the new ruby version which requires special user action04:07
Amnesiahm ok04:07
AmnesiaI'll follow: :)04:08
AmnesiaI made some ports for spice btw04:12
RomsterAmnesia, you got somewhere to host your ports?04:16
Amnesianah, I just keep them locally04:17
Amnesiaand I tend to make them as minimalistic as possible, so I don't think people will be able to appreciate them^.^04:18
Romstershare them around. on portsdb i can offer you a git target to push too.04:18
Romsteractually looks quite interesting.04:22
Amnesiait is, it's quite promising04:22
Romsteri can host the ports in a git tree Amnesia if oyu email me a dsa key.04:22
Romsterand get u on portsdb if you like.04:23
Amnesiameh don't really have a lot of time to maintain stuff04:23
Romsterpersonal repo you just do what you like with it04:23
Romsteri don't have alot of time either.04:23
Amnesiaa lot of them are just fine tuned for me04:25
Romsterwas it you that sent me a ports file of updated ports?04:43
Romsteri got it here still and been meaning to get to that.04:43
Romsteri see a few from me or ones i use too.04:43
AmnesiaRomster: yep, but they have been updated though04:46
Romsterhmm k well i plan to go though and bump stuff and end up throwing lots of stuff into attic too.04:47
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teK_jue: qemu contains quite some emulators for different plattforms12:31
AmnesiaI've been using it ever since it's got kvm support implemented12:54
AmnesiateK_: ever tried spice:)?13:01
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jaegerquite a few xorg-xf86-video-X build breaks now18:44
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Romsteri did not test every port :/23:55

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