IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-03-11

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jaegerjust spotted this in the process list on a system here: /usr/lib/firefox-3.5.7/firefox05:14
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teK_prologic: what's cob and which announcements?05:23
juejaeger: wrt i686 overlay, still not sure if I have the motivation to do this in the longer run, having a repo is one thing but to do it right a ISO is needed as well IMO05:23
jaegerIf it were to be called official it should be maintained by someone willing to do it fully, I think05:29
Romstershould we put it to the mailing list for volunteers for the i686 overlay.05:32
juejaeger: even if we host the repo and I'd call it unofficial05:34
jaegerspeaking of ISOs, I should start building 3.0 updated ISOs at some point05:43
jueRomster: I'm willing to help with such a thing, as jaeger offered to do, but I guess we need someone who wears the hat ;)05:44
Romsteri wouldn't mind helping out but i don't want that bigger responsibility considering i only have 1-2 machines that are 32bit only sitting around here now.05:50
Romsterbed time g'night06:13
jaegerI have zero06:24
prologicteK_, sorry I meant cruxbox - the irc announcements it makes06:28
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frinnstjaeger: fresh :D07:39
frinnst14:13 <jaeger> just spotted this in the process list on a system here: /usr/lib/firefox-3.5.7/firefox07:39
jaegerah :D07:40
jaegerIt's an old ubuntu desktop that I can't update for political reasons07:41
jaeger9.10 I think07:41
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