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frinnstdont think so00:27
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teK_Romster: maybe you can look into
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juejaeger: no onjections, quite the opposite05:13
jueRomster: eudev is still alive and evolving, they released a beta2 IIRC05:14
juedefinitely something we should take into consideration05:15
RomsterteK_, looked into and fixed.05:15
teK_cool :)05:17
jaegerjue, frinnst: do we prefer a sane default -j1 or -j2 type value or want to use something like getconf to determine it automatically?05:18
frinnstjust a -j2 or something05:18
frinnstit should be easy to quickly understand what it does05:19
jaegerThat's my preference as well05:19
frinnstif someone wants to use a variable to detect it, it should be up to them05:19
jaeger <-- patch to pkgutils, will add some notes to the handbook as well05:29
jaegerooh, that preposition at the end of the source mirrors doc string bugs me :P05:30
jaegerInteresting that we use single quotes in the pkgmk.conf man page but double quotes in pkgmk.conf05:33
jaeger <-- included the version bump here, anything I'm missing?05:36
juelooks good05:47
teK_amy I the only one getting build errors with virtualbox?05:51
teK_thread2-r0drv-linux.c:58:59: error: 'MAX_PRIO' undeclared (first use in this function)05:51
teK_I'm running linux-3.9.0-rc2..05:51
jaegerI always use the binary release05:52
teK_it's not in ports anymore05:52
teK_iirc :)05:52
jaegerI just install it from the downloaded package :)05:52
jaegerDidn't know that there was a port for it, honestly05:52
teK_there was when we had contrib-64, iirc05:53
teK_I stronlgy dislike installing software not managed by our great package manager05:53
jaegerAt the time I originally installed it there was no package and it was required to use USB05:54
teK_it's so easy and convenient to create ports so I create one even for test installations :)05:54
jaegermay not be the case now05:54
teK_it still is, afaik05:54
frinnstyeah same here06:12
frinnsti have an updated virtualbox-bin port here, could add it to a repo or something06:12
jaegerok, pkgutils is updated06:13
teK_frinnst: if you want, :)06:14
frinnstrsync -aqz virtualbox-bin06:15
teK_will sync later so that you won't get my ip address06:17
frinnstBUT I WANT TO DDOS YOU06:18
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jaegerprologic: just ran across your name randomly on the pydot page07:24
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teK_won't work for me10:55
teK_and yes I fixed the path to su etc. ;)10:56
teK_habemus papam!
juejaeger, frinnst: seen FS#898? I've reworked the port to build the shared libs additionally, lspci and setpci are still linked with libpci.a, objections?10:58
juediff is here ->
teK_or jue11:40
teK_speek up fellas :)11:40
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teK_I answered the inquiry responded to Arne Exton wrt his CRUX livecd post to our ML11:44
teK_I told him to subscribe before posting or did any of you reject his post actively because we don't want that?11:45
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teK_frinnst: did you try the clone() root-exploit yourself?13:03
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Amnesiadidn't work here either13:18
teK_did you modify it to be correct? ;)13:18
Amnesia explains stuff though13:20
Amnesiana cba13:20
Amnesiarunning 3.8.0 here13:20
teK_you have to remove && argc == 1 or call the binary with an argument13:20
teK_su is not in /bin on crux13:20
teK_and then I get invalid argument on the clone() call because of the CLONE_NEWUSER option13:21
teK_I have yet to find out if something is not uptodate or I'm missing a kernel option13:21
teK_when I first read about the NEWUSER / namespace feature my first thought was: uhoh local privilege escalation ;)13:23
teK_nothing specific about the option but interesing blog. thanks ;)13:27
teK_+ awesome banner image13:27
Amnesiayou might've disabled file capabilities13:29
Amnesiayou gave me the motivation to reverse the sploit^^13:32
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jaegerjue: I've been in meetings all day and have to leave now, I will check it out as soon as I have time. Won't be home until late tonight14:25
prologicjaeger:  what? where? :)14:48
frinnstteK_: no14:51
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