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jueteK_: thanks, good to know that the most sensible part of our web stuff is up-to-date :)04:00
teK_yeah, but there were no security related bugs left iff one belives what the changelog claims04:01
teK_I should monitor pmwiki more closely anyway04:02
teK_even more important.. I fixed a long standing bug with our referer-checking thingy *g*04:02
jueI'm using pmwiki for my local documentation here, the security history of it is quite relaxed04:03
teK_that's either good or bad04:04
teK_I hope to be able to dedicate some time for our infrastructure in the coming weeks04:04
jueteK_: cannot reproduce #82704:07
teK_because it is fixed04:07
jueok :D04:07
teK_we have a referer checking rewrite rule targeting sex-site-referer-spam04:07
teK_so if you searched for a port containing the string milf and your browser would sender referers apache would refuse your request because it contains the term 'milf'04:08
jueah, I see, nice04:09
Romsterin that case it picked up on xxx04:23
jaegerhaha, smooth05:45
horrorStrucksince we have /run, would it make sense to consider symlinking /var/run and /var/lock to /run and /run/lock respectively?05:50
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juehorrorStruck: it's not trivial because some daemons expects directories, partly even with special user/rights settings, below /var/run; that's the reason why systemd has systemd-tmpfile, or the like, to create these dirs on system-start09:04
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sepenteK_: where I can find timeline.php and timeline.sql you changed? I think I should update webtools.git with them10:41
sepenso no more .backup files/dirs are need it in ;D10:41
sepenjue: around here?10:45
juesepen: yep10:47
sepenhey jue10:47
sepenwhat do you think about to remove the 'version' part in jre/jdk footprint?10:47
sepenI mean, we can just use /usr/lib/jdk7 and /usr/lib/jre7 or directly /usr/lib/{jre/jdk}10:47
sepenthat will be more easy to see differences between commits10:47
sepenATM see what happens:10:48
sepen3 files changed, 1489 insertions(+), 1489 deletions(-) rewrite jdk/.footprint (73%) ********** 73%*****10:48
sepenif we compare diffs between 1.7.0_15 and 1.7.0_17 for example you'll see that nothing changed, just the version number for the /usr/lib/* path10:52
juesounds reasonable and I cannot see a drawback right now10:53
sepenfor next update10:53
sepenthere is not a drawback imho since we have a symlink /usr/lib/java pointing to the right place10:54
sepenjue: thanks10:54
juefor what? it's your idea :)10:55
sepennah, there are ways10:56
Amnesiashouldn't we ditch java in general^^?10:56
sepenits not a must to have port10:57
sepenits a user decision to install java or not10:57
sepenAmnesia: if you're talking about move us to openjdk see romster's repo10:58
sepenyou can use his port10:58
AmnesiaI was just mocking:)10:58
teK_sepen: in the usual locations (~crux/bin and ~crux/public_html/local)12:09
teK_next time I will commit to webtools.git if that's ok for you12:11
teK_I forgot about that tbh12:11
frinnstopenjdk is shiiiiit12:28
frinnstso slow12:28
frinnstand same bugs as oracle/sun jre/jdk12:28
sepenteK_: ok12:54
sepenfrinnst: icedtea?12:56
teK_sepen: should I commit the change?13:08
frinnstsepen: just a general comment :)13:25
sepenteK_: +113:37
sepenfrinnst: never tried icedtea and/or openjdk13:38
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frinnstdebian/ubuntu ships with it14:00
teK_sepen: done ;-)14:04
teK_no problem14:49
horrorStruckjue: thanks for your reply. i'll look into those cases15:56
sepenteK_: around here?16:12
sepenplease, there was something you missed, please give me perms for cookbook/timeline.php16:13
sepenI added support to have wiki profile links on flyspray events16:13
teK_yeah, nice16:13
sepen$ touch timeline.php16:14
sepentouch: cannot touch `timeline.php': Permission denied16:14
sepenneed g+w16:14
sepenand I think you can safely delete timeline.php.orig and .sepen16:14
sepenchanges related to timeline.php have their own history in our webtools.git repo16:15
sepenthanks again ;D16:15
teK_the problem with the 'duplicate' modified + (closed|...) seems not to be easy to fix16:16
sepenteK_: well, I think I fixed timeline.php but something odd is happening16:17
teK_uh-oh :P16:17
sepensee a Wiki event16:17
teK_it's late, man :D16:17
sepenyour one16:17
sepenah yeah, sorry guy16:17
sepenI'm active today and forgot about others, sorry16:17
teK_Wiki page Profiles.ThomasPenteker edited by [[~ThomasPenteker(diff)]]16:17
teK_this one?16:17
sepenyep, but the one by Jue its ok16:18
sepennah, I'll revert to the orig file and develop a new version16:18
teK_no problem, but I'm tired and doing some work for my 'former' employer :-)16:18
teK_fixed a long standing bug with some stupid GUI-stuff :>16:20
teK_Wiki page Profiles.ThomasPenteker edited by ThomasPenteker (diff)16:21
teK_looks good now16:21
sepenI reverted to orig file16:23
sepenfound the problem, wiki events also have evt_notes empty as flyspray events16:30
teK_now I'm off to bed16:34
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