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Romsterpciutils does not respect $CC16:52
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RomsterteK_, when you package mplayer source make sure directory permissions are 75522:24
Romsterdrwx------ 29 root root 4.0K Mar  4 21:00 /usr/ports/work/mplayer/src/mplayer-export-2013-03-04/22:24
Romsterand all other directories.22:26
Romsteralso any reason why we don't use --enable-runtime-cpudetection22:55
horrorStruckwhy would you need it since we build from source? it makes the binary bigger and longer compile time IIRC22:58
Romsterdoes it autodetect when compiled other wise?23:01
Romsterthis thing is confusing it's not autoconf based.23:02
Romsterperhaps it does compile time without that option.23:02
horrorStruckyes mplayer is built using what your CPU is capable of23:03
horrorStruckit will show which cpu extensions are enabled if you check mplayer version or help, can't remember23:05
horrorStruckwhen you play a file it shows up as well as think23:06
horrorStruckbut you need to have the right -march settings of course23:07
horrorStruckI have this: Compiled for x86 CPU with extensions: MMX MMX2 SSE SSE2 SSSE3 CMOV23:14
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