IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2013-03-19

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teK_debian folks are so funny03:09
teK_nix> Hello! I'm looking for a parameter for the debian squeeze installer not to take all swap partitions as active swap partitions in his process. Any ideas?03:09
teK_oh gawd and someone called jeeger answered in that other channel.. mind fuck deluxe :D03:31
frinnstteK_: there was a tek__ in #btrfs a few days ago03:35
frinnsti realized iti wasnt you just before i became obscene03:36
teK_lol, what would I have given to be able to see that :D03:41
frinnstwtf, the windows performance monitor thingy uses ~15% cpu?03:56
frinnstthat makes it kind of pointless03:56
Romsterwindows being useful...05:55
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