IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2013-03-22

juefrinnst: sure, done, it's version 20130318. Though one problem, it unconditionally depends on lzo now ;)00:24
juefrinnst: a port for lzo is here ->
juefrinnst: other core ports might link against lzo, guess at least libarchive is such a candidate00:26
juefrinnst: probably a better idea to bug the btrfs guys to make lzo optionally00:27
juefrinnst: but at all I have no problem to add lzo to core, if necessary00:29
teK_openssh 6.2 is out. yay!00:54
teK_        "nogagplz||httpup|", #Neville Phillips (responsible: Danny Rawlinks)01:04
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frinnstjue: yeah but that might open up for other issues with users already trying to mount a fs with lzo compression on crux and get a failure03:13
frinnstI doubt they would want to fragment the btrfs features for that03:14
frinnstlzo compression is a pretty highly anticipated feature :)03:14
jueok, agreed03:16
frinnstI need to setup a vm for btrfs raid5/6 :)03:17
juejaeger: your opinion about adding lzo to core? See discussion about btrfs-progs above03:17
juefrinnst: are you going to test the new version togther with the lzo port?03:19
frinnsti'll do both03:20
frinnstthats what weekends are for :)03:20
Lukc`LZO is cool.04:12
Lukc`And the kernel can be compressed with it too.04:13
Lukc`But if lzo is added in core/, I suggest adding lzop too.04:13
frinnstdrunk cruxenstein? :)09:39
jaegerjue: no strong opinion, really. If it's needed I don't mind10:16
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