IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-03-23

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frinnstnow how to trash it?09:39
c0xOpenSSH 6.2 released09:40
frinnstaye, anybody had a go with it yet?09:41
juefrinnst: yeah09:55
juerunning it since yesterday, will commit it later09:56
jueteK_: got a 404 for lftp, new version 4.4.5 is available, thanks10:03
teK_dammit :)10:12
jueteK_: np, btw the sed is no longer needed10:12
teK_ah, nice10:12
teK_did you notice alan wrt kde4?10:13
jueoops, no10:14
teK_I can do it, too10:14
jueyeah, great :)10:14
teK_aaand another letter with 'I' in the beginning was sent.10:17
teK_btw.. the old kde repo could be removed, I think10:18
teK_it dates back to the 2.5 branch10:18
jueyep, at least we should remove it from our portdb10:25
teK_will do.10:25
teK_we really should include the ufs/hfs+ (dunno if they are enabled) drivers on our installation media10:30
teK_although I know that the uses cases are somewhat exotic .. the module comes at nearly no cost10:30
frinnsthfs+ is the mac filesystem, right?10:31
teK_(please don't hurt me :P)10:31
frinnsthow stable/usable is it?10:32
teK_this is a trick question.. right?10:32
teK_I used it once and it worked (ro only, though)10:32
jueteK_: added your request to TODO3110:40
horrorStruckf2fs would be great too :) in fact as much fs as possible is must for an install disk10:43
teK_yeah if we're out of space for some FS-drivers we're screwed anyway10:44
jueisn't fsfs a fuse thing?10:45
horrorStruckf2fs is flash friendly fs, a samsung project with great perf10:46
teK_it's kinda newish :)10:47
horrorStruckmerged in 3.8 IIRC10:47
teK_but we are providing support for btrfs, too10:47
jueah, sorry, confused fsfs and f2fs ;)10:47
horrorStrucki'm willing to try it but i haven't found a livecd to support it yet, which sucks :)10:47
teK_fsfs what a stupid name for a fs..10:48
juelol, indeed10:48
teK_inception.. we need to go deeper10:48
horrorStruckmakes you wonder what the first fs stands for10:48
teK_fast secure10:50
teK_sffs would have been way better ;)10:50
horrorStruckor fs210:51
frinnstf2fs is nice10:53
horrorStruckwell the "worst linux news site" has some nice benchmarks including f2fs. already packaged f2fs-utils, just need a livecd in case anything goes wrong...10:56
teK_haha nice wording10:56
horrorStruck(C) Dave Airlie10:57
frinnstmaybe we should look over the orphaned ports page and start nuking stuff?11:36
horrorStrucki could adopt libtxc_dxtn, i use it :)11:52
frinnstsounds good to me :)11:56
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teK_sure, I have feelings and stuff16:32
frinnstyes, that16:36
teK_btw I want to visit sweden some time in the future16:38
teK_you're up for some $BEER? :>16:38
teK_silence.. uh oh :p16:40
frinnstyes, i told you so already! :)16:43
teK_you did? nice :}16:43
teK_22:07 < NielsRuf> 50cent took more shots to the face than jenna jameson! #wettendass16:50
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