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juefrinnst: seen ticket #908?00:28
frinnstnope, but its to be expected if you have icu installed00:30
jueyeah, would be nice to add some blabla about additional files / optional deps to the ticket00:31
frinnstim about to :)00:31
juegreat :)00:33
juefrinnst: just to be sure, you are aware of our nice timeline?00:39
frinnstfor bug reports?00:50
frinnstno, but i have to be honest i havent been very good at looking over flyspray00:50
prologicCan I recommend we move from using flyspray to pivotraltracker? :)00:51
prologicI think you guys would like the workflow a lot more :)00:51
juefrinnst: sorry for not being clear, I mean ->
frinnstjue: ah, no but thats mighty useful00:54
frinnstdoh, i had a diffutils 3.3 commited but not pushed :)00:55
juenp, the timeline is the most important page on for me :)00:56
frinnstmy general workflow (since the automake fvckup) 1) recieve ck4up at work. 2) test updated port in the evening. 3) sleep 4) work 5) evening: push updated port (unless jue's already done it :) )00:57
frinnstyeah, and a nice rss feed too00:57
frinnstperfect, thanks00:57
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Romsterpciutils seriously hates 6 make jobs, i would sagest forcing it to be -j106:24
Romstermake: *** No rule to make target `lib/libpci.pc', needed by `install-lib'.  Stop.06:24
Romsteri can get it to fail reliably.06:25
frinnstnasty bind security issue08:27
frinnsthm, only dos08:28
jueRomster: I did my best but cannot reproduce your build issues with pciutils08:34
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frinnstme neither, but i'd recommend adding -j1 to make for it12:30
frinnstromster uses distcc iirc, probably uncovers all sorts of race issues12:31
jaegerthat and ccache have definitely caused problems in the past12:32
frinnstyuck, ugly hacks for gobject-introspection12:51
frinnstbut leaving an empty $PKG/usr/share should be acceptible, since it exists on a target system anyways?12:51
frinnstor look for empty dirs and then delete them? personally i find that more ugly12:53
jaegerI've got no objection to leaving /usr/share around, I end up using it for mate anyway12:55
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:/usr/share$ sudo du -sh12:55
jaegerI wondered how much annoyance adding gobject-introspection would cause12:56
frinnstquite a bit ;)12:56
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jaegerOn a side note my brother asked me about submitting a patch for prt-get and I started thinking about the package tools... we don't really have anyone actively developing them, do we?13:03
jaegerI'm not particularly strong with c/c++, myself13:05
jaegerI've toyed with the idea of rewriting pkgutils and prt-get into a new tool but haven't put a lot of thought into it yet13:14
frinnstoh, your brother uses crux? :)13:14
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prologicjaeger, as have i. I actually have the beginnings of pkgutils and prt-get in Python13:16
frinnstjw still maintains it a bit i think13:16
frinnsthe answered someone on the ml not too long ago iirc13:16
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jaegerfrinnst: yeah13:19
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Romsterdistcc on that one box and the other box is ccache with distcc backend. but it did it to me when i didn't use distcc or ccache aswel.17:24
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