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frinnstreally? how many cores and how many makejobs?00:08
juejaeger: cptn still maintains prt-get, he fixed the last bug we found very quickly and even adding new features wasn't out of question for him00:26
juejaeger: but indeed, the situation for pkgadd is open00:26
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Romsterjue, oops i had my host list export after distcc -j so i was really doing make -j with no number at the end -_- but only pciutils failed doing that.02:21
Romsterswaped the lines around and it's ok now.02:21
Romsterstupid mistake.02:22
Romsteri only set that box up not long ago.02:22
jueRomster: is gobject-introspection really required for libsoup resp. webkit?04:16
Romsterit's a method to make bindings and midiri has already lined to it. think i should of made that a soft dependency?04:24
juewell, IMO we should avoid gnome stuff as much as we can04:25
Romsteri agree to a point but there is a bunch of useful libraries that gnome uses as well. it's hard to draw a line. but if this gobject-introspection turns out to be more pain than it's worth i can remove it as a hard dependency.04:29
Romsteri honestly was not expecting that messily port to break a ton of others due to rm -rf $PKG/usr/share04:30
jueyep, much appreciated04:30
Romsteri should of tested this more.04:30
Romsterbut i have very little time todo such stuff. and friends wedding this weekend too. to be honest it's silly to force remove share when it could gold something important and removing gtk-doc and locales directly is more sensible.04:31
juethe /usr/share thing is the least problem, but if half of our users have stuff installed we, the maintainers,  don't have it's a worst situation04:32
jueand the gobject-introspection concerns nearly ever gtk program04:33
jueIMO it's not so hard to draw the line if we are a bit sensitive with such stuff04:35
Romsterlike i said i didn't think it was a wide spread problem until i came home after work and started seeing other ports being edited.. then i thought oh crap *hides* :D04:35
Romsteri'm usually very careful of any changes i make :/ and to see what is affected.04:37
jueyeah, I know04:37
jueit's not a big issue and easy to revert/fix04:38
frinnstwell the changes havent been that big of a deal05:46
frinnstnot like my automake hell :)05:47
mike_kwhat about dropping the xorg warning form #crux? 4 and a half years was enough )06:03
mike_k* #crux topic06:03
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frinnsthaha yeah i thought about that too the other day :)06:11
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juemike_k: good call, thx07:34
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jaegerhrmm... why aren't udev's rule generators being run? very odd10:38
jaegerstart_udev calls udevadm with trigger on both devices and subsystems with action set to "add" so it should work10:43
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