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jaegerDid I miss some new configuration for the current openssh? I get a lot of missing identity file spam now05:27
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horrorStruckaccording to ports -d: libdrm, syslinux, libtxc_dxtn, libgcrypt, krb5, gimp, chromium, libva, ffmpeg are out of date, using latest version without any issue here (syslinux may deserve a notify since some new stuff is needed). i'll happily submit patches if needed. TIA :)07:59
Romsteri just got home it's 3am got to goto a wedding tomorrow well today so after this drink i'm heading to bed.08:03
Romsterheroux, you ping out alot.08:03
horrorStruckstill having a drink? :P cheers Romster, having some thai beer here :)08:03
horrorStruckoh and there's binutils but that's another story08:04
Romsterbinutuils and gcc 4.8.0 i see out08:08
horrorStruckglibc 2.17 also08:09
Romsteryeah and doing some music for later... i might leave ti for the morning after i've slept.08:09
RomsterC is now done in C++08:09
horrorStruckbut binutils is just an .z release08:09
Romsterpatchlevel release.08:10
Romsteri have a hunch gcc 4.8.0 may have a bug. best to wait i'd say... keep 4.8.x for crux 3.108:10
horrorStrucki have 0 issue with 4.8 + 2.17 + 2.31.208:11
horrorStruck(so far)08:11
horrorStruck2.32.2 even08:12
Romsteri'll be plastered tomorrow evening we got alot of grog and food.08:12
horrorStruckwell 2.23.2 holy shit08:12
Romsterand i'll be in this new black suit. with a purple tie08:13
horrorStruckshirt color?08:13
horrorStruck^ crucial08:13
horrorStruckrelative of yours who's getting married?08:14
Romstermight i add i got the suit custom tailored to my size08:14
horrorStrucksunday will be a painful day, i can tell you in advance :P08:14
Romsterdude i got to pack up sound gear before 1pm sunday  which is 60 killometers away from here in a tiny church.08:15
Romsteri agree my sunday will be like that.08:15
horrorStruckthen do not sleep from sat to sun or they'll wait for you forever (well if weddings in AUS are similar to those in FR)08:16
Romsteri should be ok i've been on plenty of grog before and done the next night... did acdc the night after the bucks party that's a bit over 200 km away drank both nights.08:16
Romsterdoubt i'll have a choice.08:17
horrorStruckwhat is it that you call grog, rhum based?08:17
Romsteri'l ever stagger home or get a lift home, might jump on irc :D or just go straight to bed.08:17
Romstergrog a general term for alcohol08:17
horrorStruckah ok08:18
Romstermeaning tons of beer spirts vodka scotch etc.08:18
Romsteroh and the usual champagne08:18
horrorStruckhmmm champagne08:18
Romsterquite nice but it's really lolly water.08:20
horrorStrucksomething inside of me just died :P08:20
Romsterthen again it's about 12%-15% alcohol08:21
Romsterkinda like an apple cider08:21
horrorStruckhigher % doesn't make it a better product :) ethanol is not so tasty08:21
Romsteryour liver?08:22
Romsteryeah they re pretty low alcohol but they taste nice.08:22
horrorStruckwe have nice cognac, armagnac, calvados, ricard for stronger stuff08:23
Romsteri've never been a big red wine drinker though08:23
Romsterhave some on occasions.08:23
horrorStruckyou have good red wine in australia08:23
Romsteryeah we do08:23
Romsterisn't it funny red wine comes from green grapes.08:23
horrorStrucki buy some from time to time08:23
Romsteryou would think red wine comes from red/purple grapes dunno how that works.08:24
horrorStruckthat's how we do in FR at least :D08:24
Romsteri might have to try some other drinks at some point than the usual stuff i drink at home.08:25
Romsterbut i wont wanna see any drinks after this weekend for a short while08:25
horrorStruckwhat's the most common in australia? beer i guess?08:26
Romsterbeer and pretty much jim beam or jack daniels08:26
Romstervodka flavoured stuff is very common too.08:26
horrorStruckvodka+apple juice08:26
horrorStruckpoland style ^08:26
Romsteri like my vodka with citrus type flavours.08:27
Romsterand usually with bitters08:27
Romsteroh and ginger ale now that's nice.08:27
horrorStruckpossible to rename channel to #drunx-devel08:28
Romsteroh crap sorry i thought i was on the social channel not the devil one ugh08:28
horrorStruck3.30 for you, right?08:29
Romsterand i gotta be up at 8am08:29
Romsterso i'm heading to bed very very shortly.08:29
Romsteri haven't had much sleep the past 4 days08:29
Romsterseriosuyl though i'll be glad when this is over then i'm back to work in zombie mode.08:30
horrorStrucktomorrow will be 508:30
Romsterand i probably wont sleep much over tomorrows night due to probably being passed out.08:30
horrorStrucktry not to drive if possible then (been there, done that)08:31
Romsteri always park my car at home so i don't get an urge too08:34
Romsterand it's only like 6 blocks away from where i live if i can walk that far while drunk which i usually can do.08:35
Romsterme in a suit walking drunk home that's gonna be a look -_-08:35
horrorStruckhehe :) japanese style08:36
horrorStrucknicotine time08:36
RomsterDead Bastard (Cocktail)08:40
Romster    Bitters, Bourbon Whiskey, Brandy, Gin, Ginger Ale, Lime Juice, Rum08:40
Romstersome crazy cocktails08:40
Romsterok i'm off to bed g'night08:44
juejaeger, frinnst: created a port for binutils 2.23.2 in my private repo, it's a pure bugfix release and we might consider an update. Running it here since 2 days without issues. The port includes a simple sed to remove a build dependency to texinfo.09:03
jaegerI'm in cisco VPN hell at the moment but will check it out later. can you give me the link to your private repo again?09:04
frinnstfuck you autocomplete09:13
frinnstdid a rm asdf<tab>*09:13
frinnstentered asdf<tab> *09:13
frinnstnever had that happen before09:14
frinnstgranted i've had a beer, but im *sure* i never pressed space09:14
frinnstyay for backups09:15
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juejaeger: sure, httpup sync binutils09:54
juejaeger: found something wrt the openssl verbosity ->
juejaeger: adding a 'LogLevel ERROR' to ssh_config stops the warning, default LogLevel is INFO10:23
juejaeger: and here's the commit ->;r2=1.19110:26
jaegerjue: cool, thanks for that11:12
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