IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-04-01

Romstermode #crux-devel +b *!*heroux@*.static.ziggozakelijk.nl00:15
Romsternot rocket science.00:15
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teK_proposal: being able to sanely post to our ML should be a requirement for (new) maintainers03:27
Romsteri just read about horrorStruck wanting to be in opt.03:35
Romsterfirst i've known about it. but, yeah, it should be personal repo, contrib, opt03:35
Romsterto know competency and motives.03:36
Romsteryou don't just get in by being in irc and then applying for opt.03:37
Romsterno offense but my personal opinion03:37
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jaegerHas anyone run into any more issues with the redone git hook scripts?10:03
frinnstmotive: i suggested him to apply11:49
frinnstI never had contrib access before i joined opt11:49
teK_you are special :-)12:57
teK_I went through contrib :]12:58
teK_ is quite clear on these issues but core-devs are free to decide how they want, I guess ;)12:58
sepenfrinnst: you contribute a lot (c64 iirc)13:23
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