IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-04-03

juefrinnst: FTR, run into a firefox build error ->
juefrinnst: caused by zlib which is a rc for the upcoming 1.2.802:32
frinnsthm, why does it build for me? what are you doing wrong? :)03:26
frinnsti've tested firefox since rc3 or something all the way up to rc7 and final03:27
frinnstoh, you are using a zlib rc?03:34
frinnstdid you try and build ffox 19?03:36
jaegerjue: no problems here with the newer binutils so far06:04
frinnstyeah, no issues seen here either06:16
juegreat, so it should be save to do the update, objections?06:41
jaegerIt seems ok to me but I've not tried a full bootstrap with it06:41
jueok, will do some more tests in a VM06:50
frinnstI've rebuilt everything with the new version. in a vm i updated and rebuilt everything sans the toolchain06:53
frinnstno issues that i've seen06:53
juecool, that's sufficient, I'd say06:56
juefrinnst: just tried to build firefox 19.0.2 with the rc zlib, same error07:04
frinnsthm, does smplayer build for you guys?10:39
jaegercan test it if you like10:40
jaegerwith the binutils update or in general?10:41
frinnstin general10:43
jaegerok, will try it10:44
frinnstbut nevermind, latest update broke it10:44
frinnstunless you have kde installed10:44
frinnsti thought i'd built it previously but i bumped the version myself10:44
frinnstis alan ever on irc?10:44
jaegerNot in a long time, I think10:44
frinnsti think he pushed to the wrong repo :)10:49
frinnstit seems to be made for kde10:53
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darfoHi teK_, I just added FS#911 - opt port llvm missing dep for python18:07
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frinnstno postgres update yet23:19

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