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Romsterglib-2.36.0 is out00:09
Romsteri need that for new webkit.00:09
frinnstoh. I'll look into it after work.01:58
Romstertrying to get webkit to compile this will be fun. needs newer gst stuff and other new libs too.02:02
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sepenteK_: s/python/llvm/ ;D03:03
sepenwas fun03:03
teK_late april fools' joke03:04
teK_btw.. did you revert my changes to the timeline script or is this thing still broken?03:07
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frinnstRomster: how did you notice harfuzz needed a rebuild after updating glib?11:42
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Romsterfrinnst, turns out i needed to recompile harfbuzz with icu support for webkit to compile. else it's mising a header file.14:00
frinnstthought it was glib related14:50
frinnstso ill push it now then14:50
darfoJust added FS#912 - dosbox Pkgfile missing glu dependency but18:00
darfonot sure if Alan is the right person to assign it to.18:00
Romsterfrinnst, glib requires libxslt for man pages.18:01
Romsterdarfo, look at emulators in portsdb too that's a newer build than the one in opt.18:02
Romsterneed to look into if the one in opt can be removed or unless alan is maintaining that still.18:03
darfoDon't really need dosbox myself, just testing clang/llvm against a bunch of ports18:03
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juegood morning23:18
jueRomster: it's not libxslt, you need docbook installed to get the man-pages23:19
jueeven though I'd call a bug in glib because the man-pages are already there, not need to rebuild them23:20
juefrinnst: I'd suggest to --disable-man23:23
juefrinnst: and possibly install the man-pages manually?23:24
Romsteroh hmm odd i installed libxsltin my chroot and man pages came up.23:24
Romsterwhy is everyone against generating the man pages?23:25
juechecking for DocBook XML DTD V4.1.2 in XML catalog... not found23:25
jueconfigure: error: DocBook DTD is required for --enable-man23:25
juewe are not against generating the man-pages, we are against docbook23:25
Romsteri guess i still had the files in /etc after removing docbook-xsl23:26
jueand for glib it's _not_ necessary to generate them, becasue they are already there23:26
Romsterok so what's wrong with docbook?23:26
juewe don't need it23:26
Romsterdoesn't make much of a valid point to quench my curiosity.23:27
Romsterbecause few packages ever use that? or the complexity or something else.23:28
juewell, I don't see why we add another dep to glib, just because the devs are too stupid to write a sensful configure.ac23:28
jueas I said two times above, the man-pages are already there, no need to rebuild them23:29
Romstermuch like help2man or other manaul generating ports. shoudl all them be nuked out of contrib opt?23:29
Romsteryeah i know glib man pages are already around.23:29
jueRomster: we are talking about glib, which is part of our ISO23:30
Romsteri'm talking in more general disable this disable that everywhere.23:30
Romsteroh right that rule must be on the iso.23:30
Romsterforgot that one.23:30
jueRomster: my point is:23:30
jue09:27 < jue> as I said two times above, the man-pages are already there, no need to rebuild them23:30
Romsterright right. i was thinking about in more general use. other ports seem to disable anything man page generated as well. but never mind my opinion/questions on more general manual generation. i guess i need to be more specific and clear on what i type as to what my thoughts are.23:32
Romsteri was wondering if it was in the best crux interestes to remove such gtk-doc docbook texlive help2man and anything else that generates man pages in general, even one in xorg repo got disabled at configure, despite it not failing to compile without documentation.;a=commitdiff;h=d97783aed924ab6358c034e3fb7abd463f65cc9723:36
jueRomster: I think it's not a big deal to install the glib man-pages manually, but we lived since 2.34 without them, so why bother?23:37
Romsterglib one has to be disabled as you stated.23:37
Romsteryeah not disagreeing on glib as it goes on the iso.23:37
Romstercan't understand why --without-asciidoc on xorg-inputproto though i can't think of any more examples currently.23:38
Romsteryou probably got stuff to do so i'll let you get back to work.23:39
juewell, you have to decide it by yourself, even though I myself would not maintain a port that depends on gtk-doc od docbook23:39
jueRomster: wrt xorg-inputproto, IMO we should avoid optional deps whenever possible23:43
jueRomster: and we would remove the generated docs anyway, so I think a --disable-ascidoc is beter23:47
juebetter than a rm -rf23:47

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