IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2013-04-05

jueRomster: don't get me wrong, but I think we should take it very serious to add new deps to exiting ISO ports, particularly if we can avoid it easily ;)00:06
juein the case of glib something like that can work, if we want the man-pages ->
Romsteryeah i understand that, just thi8nking on avoiding optional dependencies, and since we don't use nls etc i'm questioning if i really need icu, as webkit is using it and harfbuzz is not compiled with icu but s it stands it needs to be. hence harfbuzz needs the optional dep currently.00:08
jueRomster: yeah, I see that, with ports like webkit our dependency hell is growing :)00:10
Romsteri'm not helping with what i'm doing either00:10
jueRomster: it's not your fault, it's the 'modern' software that getting more and more features and more dependencies as well00:13
jueat all I really appreciate your work for CRUX :)00:14
Romsteryeah and trying to keep everyone happy, and not make a mess of it.00:14
Romsterthanks jue.00:14
juethank you00:15
Romsterdesn't help that i'm crazy enougth to pick the big projects :)00:16
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Romsterok take care00:21
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jueRomster: btw, isn't it possible to do the post-install of docbook-{xml,xsl} within the port? To uninstall it in clean way?01:53
Romstermaybe i just followed the LFS handbook.01:57
juemaybe you'll find some time to look into this again01:59
Romstermaybe i can throw it all in the build function but then i need to use the $PKG path to xmlcatalog probably doable. it's always worked this way for me though.02:00
Romsterlooking though most of the stuff i maintain would make some peoples head hurt.02:01
juewell, if it would work as suggested I'd consider it the far better port02:01
Romsteri'll give that idea a try jue shortly.02:01
jueteK_: guess you missed the new remind version, 3.1.13 works fine for me, thanks02:12
frinnstack on the glib man-pages thingy05:41
frinnstfuck what a messy day05:41
frinnstwe must implement read only fridays05:42
frinnsti got my first cup of coffee at 13:30 or something05:50
frinnstits awesome when the vendor cant even get their software to work05:51
sepenchmod 044406:51
frinnstglib just became a really ugly port :(10:31
frinnstprobably simpler to maintain the manpages that way, instead of a tarball10:32
frinnstbut dunno10:32
frinnstits sooo ugly10:32
frinnsthm, are they already pre-generated in the tarball?10:34
frinnstguess i should revisit it10:34
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juefrinnst: guess you didn't read what we discussed yesterday? ;)23:49
juefrinnst: my suggestion was something along that line ->

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