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juefrinnst: the footprint error is strange, actually the link should be "usr/man/man1/python2.1.gz -> python2.7.1.gz"02:27
juefrinnst: any python3 installed?02:28
juefrinnst: sorry, only a wild guess02:29
frinnstno new footprint on my other box03:12
frinnsti must have something strange installed :)03:12
Romsterprobably my docbook stuff in /etc03:24
frinnsti really need to audit my installed ports, have a feeling i have a lot of crap03:50
Romsterpkg-not is also nice.03:50
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frinnstcleaned up a gig of worthless old crap :)04:56
frinnstteK_: qemu installs in /usr/libexec05:02
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frinnst"/usr/libexec/ is not used in CRUX, thus packages should never install anything there. Use /usr/lib/<prog>/ instead."06:40
frinnstanybody use dar? thoughts compared to other solutions?08:24
juefrinnst: using it since a long time, never had issues with it, came to it mainly because of it's slice feature even though that's no longer important for me09:23
jaegernever used it here, sorry09:24
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juefrinnst: only a few deps and the dar_static are nice details for a backup program, IMO09:26
juejaeger, frinnst: I'd like to switch building vim away from the current 7.3 source-tarball and _lot_ of patches to our own tarball created from the vim mercurial repo, because:09:34
jue- it's the recommended method nowadays, see
jue- runtime files are never updated via patches09:35
jue- it's easier to handle, we are currently at around 850 patches and a new version is not at the horizont09:36
jueok for you or do you have any objections?09:37
jaegerjue: no objections here, sounds like a good change09:37
juegreat, thanks, if frinnst agrees as well I'll prepare a new version the next days09:42
jaegerok :)09:45
teK_I'm considering to split qemu in qemu (x86/64) and qemu-other09:57
teK_this should (vastly) improve build times for average users10:02
jaegerI don't use it, myself, so can't really offer a useful data point :)10:02
teK_there are quite some targets:
jueteK_: no objections, guess that most people don't need the various emulators10:03
juethe drawback is that you have to maintain two ports ;)10:06
teK_hmmm but there _will_ be footprint overlaps10:25
teK_so I could make qemu-other depend on qemu and only install the new binaries for the different targets10:25
teK_again: opinions?10:25
jaegerI'd lean towards whatever causes fewer questions from users but no strong opinion10:27
teK_the other option would be to have conflicting qemu and qemu-full ports10:48
teK_in case of maintainability I'd prefer the latter10:51
jaegerno objection here11:00
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teK_frinnst jue?11:01
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frinnstjue_: go for it11:13
frinnstno objections11:14
frinnsti only use for kvm at the moment anyways.. but arm is probably very important to a lot of folks11:15
frinnstdoes qemu-kvm still serve a purpose?11:18
frinnstjue_: are you backing up to disk or some other media?11:19
teK_they have been lagging behind for some months11:20
frinnstdoes it offer any additional features/performance?11:20
teK_I had large performance gains by using it, yes..11:21
teK_but I seemed to be quite alone with that effect11:21
teK_opt/qemu was unusable11:21
frinnstdid you run regular qemu with -enable-kvm ? :D11:21
teK_that was quite some time ago11:21
teK_so I'll remove contrib/qemu-kvm and split qemu into qemu and qemu-full.. -full to opt or to contrib?11:23
frinnstwhatever you would think is easiest to maintain11:28
jue_frinnst: my really important stuff to s3, encrypted oc11:49
jue_teK_: opt/qemu works quite nice for me with kvm if started with the options "-machine accel=kvm -cpu kvm64"11:53
teK_I didn't notice the really severe slowdowns lately11:54
teK_kvm should be used by default11:54
frinnstits not11:54
teK_and I dunno what the -cpu setting will help :)11:54
jue_well, got the best performance with that settings11:54
teK_if it does not, this is bullshit :)11:55
frinnstqemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -boot order=c -drive file=/home/dotfiles/kvm/win7.qcow2,if=virtio -m 4096 -smp cores=4 -usbdevice tablet -localtime -sdl -vga std11:56
jue_as frinnst said, as default kvm is not used11:56
frinnstis what I currently use11:56
teK_u store gb-large files in ~/dotfiles? haha :p11:57
teK_yeah well.. >_>11:57
frinnsthehe, well the name is not ideal these days :)11:58
frinnst /home is on ssd, /home/fredrik is not :)11:58
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frinnsthm. possible issue with glib 2.36 and firefox14:13
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