IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-04-08

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frinnstRomster: atleast acl and attr requires gettext11:22
frinnstremoved it, made a pkgmk -r -f in /core. aborted right after :)11:23
frinnstjue: we should probably update imagemagick:
frinnstnot really an issue in the real world, but stiff11:25
frinnstaww, did i give you work?14:03
frinnsttimeline is indeed useful14:04
frinnstany way to get the rss-feed to display more than 10 entries?14:05
frinnstwe really need to start cleaning out orphaned ports. i suggest a "sledgehammer" approach by just deleting them. as it stands now, nothing happens14:08
frinnstif someone has a genuine need for a specific port, stuff will probably happen :)14:08
frinnsta warning to the ml would be prudent14:09
frinnstand a lot of broken/outdated ports are just depressing14:10
frinnstjue, jaeger?14:10
jaegerI don't have any real objections to the sledgehammer approach. We're a small group, sometimes that sort of mentality is necessary14:16
frinnstits not like those ports recently became inactive either.. most (all?) are like a year old or more14:23
jaegerno surprise there, lots of creep14:26
teK_jaeger jue frinnst: should we fix this: ? :)16:05
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juegood morning22:37
juefrinnst: no objections, it's easy to recover the ports from git so we lost nothing22:42
juefrinnst: wrt imagemagick, looks not very important to me if I read the third comment; I expect a new non-beta version within some days so I tend to wait for that22:44
jueteK_: /usr/share/pkgconfig is a vital directory for pkg-config and infos for shared stuf should go there, at least the udev and usbutils entries are correct, not checked the others22:47
jueteK_: udev has two pkg-config files, udev.pc and libudev.pc, first in share the other in lib22:49
frinnstyeah the imagemagick "issue" is not really an issue at all, just thought i'd mention it :)22:49
juefrinnst: yeah, I forgot, thanks for that of course :)22:50

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