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jaegerI thought for some reason only /usr/lib/pkgconfig was proper, guess I should read up on that05:26
jaegerhow do we force an NFS mount to use version 3 with our current nfs-utils?05:39
jaegernfsvers=3 and vers=3 don't work anymore05:39
teK_we don't use /usr/share at least if you adhere to our packaging guidlines/handbook05:39
teK_by chance: there are mount.nfs and mount.nfs4 that distinguish v3 and v4?05:40
jaegerthere are but in this case both result in an nfs4 mount05:41
jaegerI restarted rpcbind and it works, sorry for the noise05:41
jaegerit was running before but somehow messed up, I guess05:41
jaegerer, no, it doesn't work05:41
jaegerah, finally... had to restart rpcbind AND nfs, no idea what the hell was wrong05:43
jaegerrpcinfo -p looked fine05:43
teK_to _mount_ with a different NFS version.?05:47
jaegeras in mount -t nfs -o vers=305:48
jaegerto use nfs version 3 instead of 405:48
teK_so no parallel use of 3 and 405:48
jaegerno reason parallel wouldn't work but I didn't need it in this case05:48
teK_I don't get it.. you restarted nfs and rpcbind and used a different mount option to make that work?05:49
jaegerI was using the mount option vers=3 (same as nfsvers=3) the entire time05:50
jaegerrestarting nfs and rpcbind is what fixed it05:50
jaegerbefore restarting them I was getting the standard error about rpc.statd not running even though it was05:51
teK_oh. mhkay :)05:51
jueteK_: sorry, don't get it, why don't we use /usr/share ?06:09
teK_apparently I misread our handbook...06:11
teK_it was late .. but I also created spice{,-protocol,-gtk} for talking to qemu instances06:11
teK_any of our qemu users would use them?06:11
juewell, I'm a qemu newbie and have to read in what that spice thing is doing06:16
jueim still associate spice with the circuit simulation ;)06:17
frinnsti associate it with food :)06:17
teK_rdp-like protocol as far as i can see06:19
frinnstyeah its the preferred use with libvirt06:19
frinnstits supposed to be the unix equivalent of rdp or something06:22
teK_I always envied MS for RDP06:23
teK_it's really snappy etc.06:24
frinnstyep, its quite handy06:24
teK_but spicy does sound and usb/smartcard redir, too06:24
teK_yet my port disables sound as it'd require pulseaudio :}06:24
frinnsttry running x11 apps over ssh and wan :)06:24
teK_yeah it's horrible06:25
frinnstgood :)06:25
frinnstdoes rdp do sound even? not by default atleast06:25
frinnstah, it does06:26
teK_it is able, too06:26
frinnstit just mutes the rdp target06:26
teK_there are some videos playing HD content via spicy, iirc06:26
teK_checking on deps and footprints TWICE06:28
teK_as I said.. it was late I created the ports at 2am or so06:28
frinnstI can do that too, im bored06:28
teK_heh :P06:28
teK_ok.. spice-gtk does not depend on spice-protocol06:28
teK_why split that first place06:29
frinnstdont you know its a good idea to split packages that have no other use?06:29
frinnstits the redhat way06:29
teK_I started with RedHat 7.2 as my 'main' distro but both of us have come a long way ever since =)06:30
teK_but good to know..06:30
teK_well at least qemu seems to need both spice pkgs06:31
frinnstredhat 6.2 or something was my first linux experience06:31
frinnstit scared me off for 2-3 years or something :)06:31
teK_so, ready to push06:32
teK_I remember booting CorelLinux 1.0 :>06:32
teK_I upgraded qemu's third-parties by about 300% or so =)06:34
teK_(I added libiscsci and libseccomp)06:34
frinnstfredrik@farnsworth:~$ prt-get info celt06:34
frinnstPackage 'celt' not found06:34
frinnst(make it 400%!)06:35
teK_where did you get the celt bit?06:37
teK_as I said.. spice requires the old celt packages06:37
teK_got it06:37
teK_I just seem to not be able to make it in one shot06:38
teK_should work now06:38
frinnstgonna give it a go once i get home06:39
frinnst=======> ERROR: Md5sum mismatch found:07:53
frinnstMISSING   b610eee4da882f0c9d063eaf83dc8fbf  pyparsing-1.5.7.tar.gz07:53
frinnstNEW       9be0fcdcc595199c646ab317c1d9a709  pyparsing-1.5.7.tar.gz07:53
frinnstdownload isnt corrupted either07:53
frinnstnice.. spice working08:07
frinnsthave some flickering, but that is probably caused by glamor rendering08:07
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teK_wrt md5sum11:22
teK_good ol' gentoo-mirror11:22
teK_23Kb/s really?11:23
teK_thanks for the hint.. weird though..11:25
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teK_+ frinnst : nice to see spice working :}14:43
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