IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-04-10

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jaegererror: 'G_STATIC_PRIVATE_INIT' undeclared <--- anyone know the fix for this one? having trouble finding resultss online06:21
frinnstwhat are you building?06:21
jaegermate-file-manager (caja)06:22
jaegerseems like glib causes it, can post the whole log if you're interested06:22
frinnstyeah that i found06:26
frinnstwas wondering if it was related to the thread changes06:26
jaegerpossibly, I don't know06:28
frinnstdoes it build with the previous glib version?06:30
jaegerHaven't tried yet, good question06:31
frinnstGStaticPrivate are deprecated06:31
frinnstim betting the 2.34.x will work06:33
frinnstsilly breakage06:33
jaegerIt might not matter, looks like MATE 1.6 is out. I'll try both, though06:34
frinnstnew glib added this little gem with firefox: GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0' failed06:36
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frinnsthm, didnt we announce a eol for 2.8?09:52
frinnsteven security updates?09:55
frinnstwhere are the irc-logs these days?09:57
frinnstfound it09:57
jaegerI don't recall if we talked about a specific EOL time/date10:07
jaegerI do find it interesting that we keep getting questions about 32-bit support but nobody stepping up to do it10:21
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jaegerfrinnst: good mail about the 32-bit interest11:51
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