IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-04-11

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frinnstso, gstreamer support added to firefox22:51
frinnstthat is a good thing (tm) but might cause some problems since it will require a shitload of deps on the iso...22:51
frinnstor, maybe not?22:51
teK_not sure if that's a good thing22:52
teK_it would be awesome if more software would softly depend on .so files to work22:52
frinnstyeah, lots of gst- ports in contrib22:52
teK_just like cmus does..  you can uninstall vorbis-libs and still run it but it won't play those files22:52
teK_it'scalled plugin, suckers ;)22:52
frinnsthm, #794282 was not closed, but a dependent bug22:54
teK_wonder how chromium realises support for <video>22:54
frinnstthere I go agian, jumping the gun :)22:54
frinnstthey ship their own licensed h.264 codec, no?22:54
frinnstfirefox supports it on windows since 20.022:55
frinnstbut not on linux22:55
teK_I dunno, chromium long-time user22:55
teK_yeah.. booo.. chromium was simply faster than ff22:56
frinnsti cant stand chrome/chromium22:56
teK_I'm that opportunistic!22:56
frinnstpah, bs22:56
frinnstnot if you include buildtime :)22:56
teK_how long does FF take nowadays?22:57
frinnstits not that bad22:57
frinnstqt4 and chromium are worse22:57
teK_qt4 > *22:57
teK_% sudo egrep '(starting build|build done)' chromium.log22:58
teK_prt-get: starting build Wed Feb 27 16:05:29 201322:58
teK_prt-get: build done Wed Feb 27 17:08:21 201322:58
teK_didn't feel that long :D22:58
frinnsthaha oh god22:58
frinnstbut that might be because you had chrome running when you built it? thus using up all your cpu :D22:59
teK_rebuilding .22:59
teK_hat's true!22:59
teK_it flash, not chromium22:59
teK_tek       1831 8154 18.8 5783084 1537968 ?     RNLl 08:41 1398:28 /usr/lib/chromium/chromium --type=plugin --plugin-path=/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ --lang=en-US --channel=1557.15.66553256923:00
frinnstah, firefox 20.0.1 fixes a windows-only bug23:00
teK_20% of memory.. haha $WEB is broken23:00
teK_oops.. $production couldn't print incoming good slips becausethe report still was compiled with debugging enabled23:17
juefrinnst: please reconsider, IMO we shouldn't add more crap to firefox ;)23:39
juehave to run now, bbl23:41

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