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frinnstjue: agreed :)00:40
frinnstbut it might (in firefox 30?) not really be an option00:41
frinnstvideo tags are a good thing (tm)00:41
frinnstand ogg/webm are d.o.a00:42
teK_jaeger: running nvidia 310.44 just fine :)03:05
frinnstRomster: what package required glib 2.36 ? seems other ports (firefox, skype) really dislike it03:11
frinnst^^ chromium update :)03:11
juefrinnst: yeah, the dependency hell is growing :)03:20
juefrinnst: wasn't it webkit that needs latest glib?03:21
frinnsthmm, possibly03:23
jueRomster: if we are there, I've just read the README of webkit and are kinda shocked03:23
frinnstit requires icu to be builtin?03:24
jueIMO it's not really acceptable that I've to rebuild another port to get an optional dependency in03:25
frinnsti thought i'd look into explicitly not linking harfbuzz with icu this weekend03:26
frinnstthe number of webkit deps is also depressing :)03:26
jueindeed, though I'm not sure whether all of this is really needed ;)03:27
frinnstdid a "prt-get depinst webkit) :)03:33
juethe docbook dep of libsecret is easy to omit if we provide the one tiny man-page within the port, I've tested it, a simple 'cp $SRC/secret-tool.1 docs/man' is enough03:35
juebut well, it might a hopeless try to keep the deps of ports like webkit minimal03:38
frinnstyeah probably03:38
jaegerteK_: good deal05:18
teK_hu? :) nvidia?05:25
jaegerI tested it for a couple days before pushing but glad it's working :)05:26
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sepenteK_: same libpng issue with new chromium build06:54
teK_it failed for me didn't bother to look, yet06:54
sepenbut mine has 'blue' corners06:54
sepenlibpng warning: Application built with libpng-1.2.45 but running with 1.5.1506:55
teK_yeah I get that, too06:55
sepensystem_libpng=0 should fix that, right?06:55
teK_./out/Release/obj/gen/library_loaders/libspeechd.h:7:42: fatal error: speech-dispatcher/libspeechd.h: No such file or directory06:56
teK_compilation terminated.06:56
sepenI started a new build for chromium06:56
sepenteK_: see my last commit and use new Pkgfile and patches06:56
sepenchromium needs speech-dispatcher which I added recently to our opt collection06:56
sepenthis is a must to have dep, sorry06:56
sepenalso speech-dispatcher requires a new dep: dotconf (also added in opt)06:57
teK_we must have a prt-get depsysup or some option :)06:57
sepengreat discussion06:57
teK_you did that, didn't you?06:57
sepenwhat? the port? or depsysup implementation?06:57
teK_the latter06:58
sependepsysup is not a big deal since calls depupdate for each port06:58
sepenI like cptn comments about --with-deps option to sysup and update commands06:58
sepenso with that you don't force the users to do something06:59
sepenfor now its safe to use the libpng version that comes from chromium07:03
sepenbut I'll file a ticket about that07:04
sepenon the other hand is not the first time I get in troubles with _use_system_foo from chromium, it happened to me something similar with system_sqlite,zlib, etc.07:06
teK_I consider using the builtin libraries as a) cheating b) bullshit..07:06
teK_yes depsysup is not about forcing anyway07:06
sepenyou got it man!07:07
sepenabout your first sentence ^^07:07
sependepsysup won't be a problem, like I said it sysup uses update, so depsysup should use depupdate ;D07:08
sepenbut IMHO I'm agree about Johannes comments07:08
sepenand prt-get.conf would be a place for setting defaults in your way07:09
frinnstthere is a bug for it in fs07:27
Romsterfrinnst, iirc libsoup required later glib for webkit neede later glib to allow later libsoup to allow new webkit 2.0.0 to be happy.08:16
Romster2:14am in the morning i haven't had tons of time to really prune deps off ports jue08:17
Romsterand i'm working tomorrow. and wont be home ntil late sunday again08:17
Romsterand usually that tired i don't wanna do much08:17
Romsterif gelib was to be downgraded i'd have to downgraade libsoup and webkit again.08:18
Romsterglib* sorry.08:18
Romsterseriously i can not win which ever way i go with my so called maintaining. maybe it's time i let someone else take over my work, but then i'd feel empty as this is my pride and joy but i haven't got enough time to deal with it.08:19
Romsterit's not easy managing this many dependencies.08:20
Romsteryour all probably asleep or at work now. i'm heading to bed, g'night.08:21
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sepengn Romster08:48
jueRomster: hey, keep cool :) first of all we are not in hurry and second CRUX is one of our hobbies, only, not more ;)09:11
sepenwe need a cruxcon ;D09:14
sepenbeers and ...09:15
jaegerRomster: out of curiosity, why don't you maintain just the things that you actively use? Don't create an maintain a bunch of stuff for others, I mean. It'll improve your quality of maintenance life, as it were10:04
frinnstyeah relax! :)10:39
frinnstwe love you you silly aussie :)10:39
frinnstproblem with glib is that skype apparantly wont work with the new version10:39
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Romsterand now my pa job got canceled so i got time to fluff around on ports16:14
Romsterjaeger, regarding that i intend to prune a few thuings out of contrib that i'm not actively using anymore.16:16
Romsteri'm using webkit so i got that in there.16:16
Romstershould we just downgrade webkit and libsoup for skype? or can we do something to keep it using it's own older glib, but not so easy with a binary, though ld preload should help there.16:18
frinnstapparantly it doesnt17:23
frinnstelderk couldnt get it to work17:23
frinnstbut dunno17:24
frinnsti dont use skype myself17:24
Romstergot skype running here right now... he never got back to me on what caused it to crash.17:26
frinnstah, good17:28
sepenI'm waiting chromium to finish build here17:28
sepenI wish I were at office for that17:29
sependevels from chromium, firefox, qt4, etc. should add a note when release their sourcecode: 'buy a new pc'17:34
Romstercompiling wine right now17:34
Romsterif ya think xine-ui or webkit is bad on deps wine i think tops them all17:35
jaegerjust wait, webkit will require wine some day17:35
sepenI can imagine17:35
Romstereek i sure hope not.17:35
sepenor systemd17:36
Romsterthere is that naughty word << systemd17:40
Romsterfor some stange reason distcc does not like my multilib vs pure 32bit chroot gcc even though they are both at the same version17:41
Romsterthey both make different changes. despite me adding -m3217:42
Romsterso the multilib gcc would spit out 32bit as well17:42
Romsteri would of expected same results. since everything is at the same version17:45
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Romsteroh might be because i haven't got the same binutils on that box as my desktop22:22
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