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Romsterregarding webkit i must use icu i tried to disable it and i can not. so i really do need harfbuzz with icu support.09:58
teK_hey folks.. I'm currently packaging lxc and it requires some docbookXYZ package for building the man pages.. I'm not willing to include that as a build dependency but instead want to provide the man pages (ripped off of ubuntu) on crux.nu10:46
Romsterwhy not generate it from the tarball then include that on the source?10:49
teK_I hate providing whole orts on (like mplayer)10:49
teK_the docs are 120KB gzip'd10:50
teK_so putting them into our port tree is not an option either, IMHO10:50
Romsterso put them on the crux site and include the path in source.10:50
teK_I'll have to die in a way at the end :p10:51
teK_at least that's what we say in Germany10:51
teK_-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 343K [2013/02/27] uptimed/uptimed-0.3.16.patch*10:52
teK_ok :P10:52
Romsterdoesn't make much sense to a english man.10:52
teK_if there's a problem you have to chose one solution if it's bad, too ;)10:53
Romsterpersonally i don't mind the xml manual page generation. can make man doc html pdf out of the same file.10:54
Romsterbut everyone else seems to disagree.10:54
teK_I thinkit sucks huge time  :)10:54
teK_no ... even from a developer's perspective10:54
teK_just include the damned man page in the tarball10:55
teK_it has always been that way and it worked just fine10:55
Romsterdo you expect to maintain a ton of different files and keeping them in sync or just 1 file?10:55
teK_no need forinfo pages or documentation in pdf files (SRSLY, WTF)10:55
Romsteri really don't understand the hostility or logic.10:55
teK_logic is to keep dependencies down (or if it has to be sgml or smth. on the side of _one_ developer, not _all_ source-compiling users)10:56
Romsteri do tink info is dumb thugh but html man pdf i see no issues with them formats10:56
Romsterthey dont change much they take little space or timeto compile, compared to the huge chromium... if anything is a disease it's webkit chromium xine firefox nto the documentation system. though i must confress texlive is crazy.10:58
teK_that may be true, BUT:10:59
Romsterbut anyways i'm gonna end up moving any manual generation ports i maintain out of contrib/opt because i'm sick of this shit period.10:59
teK_I'm getting angry if I see things like that:10:59
teK_% ./configure > /dev/null && echo $?10:59
teK_/usr/bin/perl -c -w db2x_manxml11:00
teK_Can't locate XML/SAX/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.16/linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.16 /usr/lib/perl5/5.16/linux-thread-multi /usr/lib/perl5/5.16 .) at db2x_manxml line 2413.11:00
teK_that's for docbook2X-0.8.8 that's needed for the lxc manual pages11:00
teK_configure is supposed to detect that and now I ended up wasting my time with this. Using ubuntu's man pages on crux. period, too. :P11:00
Romsterwhat ever just do it. i wont have to hear about it again.11:01
teK_don't be mad :]11:01
Romsterdon't complain when someone says they found some edit in the man pages referring to ubuntu that isn't in crux -_-.11:01
teK_I won't. :)11:02
Romsteri'm not so much mad as more frustrated.11:02
teK_don't be frustrated either, your work is appreciated11:02
Romstermaybe my work but my company is another thing. a friendly environment. lately i haven't been that friendly, sorry.11:03
Romsteri just have a strong opinion.11:03
teK_can't see an error in that -^11:03
Romsteri'm also cutting back on ports jsut too much effort anymore. so i'm pruning out what i don't use anymore or deem useless. if anyone wants to pick those up they can.11:04
teK_you can skip lxc :)11:05
Romsteri don't maintain that afaik -_-11:05
teK_except you insist on building the docs on build time;)11:05
teK_portdb says so but your version is rather outdated11:05
Romsteri haven't had lots of time to look at crux.11:06
Romstermy private repo only sees a couple of ports bumped.11:06
Romsterbut that's besides the point opt contrib should all work. my personal stuff can be sorted out later on.11:07
Romsterthis is going off topic.11:07
Romsteri should take another holiday off work when i can got tons of time saved up.11:08
teK_I had that problem, too.. focus. It's better for you :)11:08
Romsteri'll fix up uptimed. that's a pretty big file for git.11:08
teK_you won't have to do that for me.. I just ran a search for the top ten biggest file in {core,opt,contrib}11:09
teK_didn't even know you maintained it :)11:09
Romsteri'm too snappy from pressure stress, i so need to get away from technology and enjoy life a little more.11:09
teK_I'm fine if you leave it11:09
Romsternew version 1711:09
teK_play some ping pong11:09
Romsteri do that every tuesday night and darts monday nights. and it's table tennis -_-11:10
teK_don't you have some poisonous spider or snake to farm? *stereotypes*11:11
teK_btw.. what are you doing for aliving?11:11
Romsteroh please next you'll say i'm down under... :D11:11
Romsteri disagree the world is a speare in space there is no up or down side.11:12
RomsterIT work fixing computers, photocopiers mostly11:12
Romsteri even do some electronics stuff too, since i'm qualified in that too.11:13
Romsterand weekends sound mixing light operating setup packup sound gear.11:13
Romsternot getting much money out of it all. paying stuff off. i feel as if i'd have far more time and enjoyment in life if i wasn't working at that IT shop and i just did my backyard repairs and was on the dole.11:14
Romstersince our rent was rebated before i got full time work and everything else i used to get a discount on.11:14
Romsterso really i'm working harder not making much more after bills.11:15
Romsterand more stressed.11:15
Romsterand less time todo other things.11:15
Romsterbut finding work is hard here.11:15
Romsteri guess a job is a job good and bad and all that.11:15
teK_it doesn't have to be that way11:16
Romsterabout the only thing realxing anymore is crux, music, movies, and  sports. and the sound work i do.11:17
Romsteri'll probably work here a few more years then think about moving to another area. and other work.11:18
teK_if that's better foryou11:18
Romsterdepends what sort of work i can get. i guess most of it is always stressful.11:18
teK_it's a question of attitude, too11:19
Romsterit dosn't help that i do most if nto all the work in the workshop while the others go out and do other out of the shop jobs.11:19
teK_you seem to take things even more seriously than I do :)11:19
Romsterperfectionist does not help11:19
Romsteri take pride in what i do. and i do it right the first time.11:20
teK_at leastyou could try to reduce that11:20
Romstereven if it takes longer.11:20
teK_haha unlike me with the spice ports :D11:20
Romsteri think frinnest has made more mess with glib man pages and pkg-config breaking stuff.11:21
Romsterbut i've broken stuff not realizing it too.11:21
teK_yet the world did not stop spinning11:21
Romstermore users use those than spice.11:21
teK_sure it's not good etc. but.. nobody's perfect11:21
Romsterno one ever is.11:22
teK_spice? Two users: me and frinnst. I suppose ;)11:22
Romsterso far.11:22
teK_today: frinnst. tomorrow: world domination!!1111:22
Romsterpinky and the brain.11:22
teK_ty :P11:23
Romsteranyways oh build done.11:23
teK_I built chromium on a L640 i7, too11:23
teK_after 4hours or so at 2am I did sleep 2h; shutdown -h now11:23
teK_(yes I know that shutdown has a timer itself)11:24
Romsterhehe i do that too, and knowing it's got a timer in shutdown command.11:26
teK_got the man pages down to 40K11:26
Romstersleep 2h oh gawd i was using 3600 7200 etc... i feel like an idiot.11:26
teK_minutes work, too :}11:26
Romsteri don't spend enough time reading.11:27
teK_speaking of nicefeatures.. did you know, that you could do: make x if there's a x.c file in $PWD?11:27
teK_me neither, don't worry11:27
Romsterbuilt already11:28
Romsternever tired that with make to find out.11:29
Romsterthought you had to be in the top level directory of a Makefile.11:29
teK_speaking of stereotypes.. I'm out for lunch.. Schnitzel \o/11:30
Romsterwait till i get my other 2 core 2's and the other quad core online then i can do 14 build jobs at once. over 5 machines.11:30
Romsterlove Schnitzel11:30
teK_do some benchmarking.. 'd be interesting to see the speed up although it won't be anywhere near $NUMBER_OF_CORES :)11:31
teK_yeah, me too11:31
Romsternot as impressive as jaeger's setup but hey it's a poor man's cluster.11:31
Romsterover gigabit yeah so dunno i'll be testing when i get them all up.11:31
Romsterthere all around 2GHZ or so.11:31
Romsterexcept my desktop is 3.4GHz11:32
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teK_btw.. does anyone know why we're not at 3.1.2 for libarchive? major breakage?13:11
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux-devel13:12
horrorStrucknew alsa-{lib,utils} and new kmod are out, no issue here so far on my xurc machine13:13
teK_wth is xurc :p13:14
teK_a messed up CRUX installation?13:14
horrorStruckyep :D13:14
teK_horrorStruck: how' about moving the ports you want to adopt to contrib and you jump aboard the CRUX train13:29
teK_hi jue13:29
teK_in case you missed it: < teK_> btw.. does anyone know why we're not at 3.1.2 for libarchive? major breakage?13:30
horrorStruckoh i use 3.1.2, no issue so far13:31
teK_I have issues with the current bsdtar13:31
teK_I cannot extract any archive of kexec-tools13:31
teK_ for example13:32
horrorStruckteK_: i'd be happy to do so :)13:32
teK_so let's revive the ML-thread by you posting the list13:33
teK_I'll +1 it :-)13:33
horrorStruckthanks, appreciated :)13:33
jueteK_: soname has changed, so we postponed it13:33
teK_oh,  k13:33
jueit's listed in TODO3113:34
horrorStruckdo we usually postpone every soname bumps? (can't remember)13:34
jueif it breaks other things, yes13:35
juelike tiff, png etc.13:35
horrorStruckbut libarchive should be pretty painless, no?13:36
juewe discussed libarchive here and don't see any hurry to upgrade it13:36
horrorStruckok sorry, i missed that13:36
jueI've tested the bsdtar from 3.1.2 against a tarball that makes problems like the one teK_ has, didn't help for that case13:38
jueteK_: tested it with the bsdtar from 3.1.2?13:48
horrorStrucki tried, it spits crapload of errors13:50
horrorStruckhaven't checked the extracted content however13:51
horrorStrucksame crap with git master13:55
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teK_no, same here14:15
teK_won't work14:15
horrorStruckjust curious, how would you guys handle latest stable pango which depends on unstable fontconfig?15:50
horrorStrucki mean, poilicy wise. best would be waiting for everything to go stable i guess, amirite?15:54
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horrorStruckoh and btw, gcc 4.7.3 is out too :P16:10
frinnstyeah, wait for stuff to become stable17:24
frinnsti tend to wait for stable gnome branches to have atleast two releases under its belt17:25
frinnstglib was an exception17:25
frinnst(this time)17:25
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