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RomsterhorrorStruck> just curious, how would you guys handle latest stable pango which depends on unstable fontconfig? <- we would wait for a stable fontconfig00:42
Romsterfrinnst, i still cant get skype to crash00:43
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horrorStruckfrinnst, Romster, thanks :)00:51
RomsterteK_, you still about? cdoc_ has a mirror for us. cdoc_ what's the details?01:01
Romsterserver url contact address etc.01:01
Romsterfull or partial mirror.01:01
Romsterupdate frequency01:02
cdoc_Sorry was away.01:05
cdoc_full mirror01:05
cdoc_2/mb up & down01:06
cdoc_I am currently mirroring off the rsync server at midnight01:06
Romsterso every 24 hours. at midnight your time?01:08
cdoc_I am on the west coast, but the server time. EST01:08
Romsterk that's close enough.01:09
Romsterout of curiosity i wonder how big the full mirror is.01:09
Romsterseems tek is afk perhaps jue is about.01:10
Romstermight be a few more hours before there around cdoc_01:10
Romsterwe need a contact address and name in case we need to contact you too.01:10
cdoc_Full crux mirror is 775M01:12
cdoc_You can contact me at l00nixcdoc@gmail.com01:12
cdoc_No worries, I may not be on all day but I will check back every once in awhile01:13
Romsterk cool, nice to see more interest. so you use it yourself?01:13
cdoc_Yea I've been playing with Crux for about a year now. Lately I have been using it more on my laptop than Arch.01:15
Romsterah i see. you gone ot 64bit multilib 3.0 or you got some stuff on 2.8 32bit still?01:16
Romster(i built core ports for 32bit 3.0 crux) off jue's work and uploading those now. not official though.
cdoc_I am on the 64 bit multilib. Previously, only having a 32 bit official image was holding me back from using Crux more :P01:17
Romsteri gathered that would be the case for some users.01:18
Romsterthen there are a few that only have 32bit systems, hence these 32bit ports for those. but no one seems to want to step up to maintaining.01:19
Romstersince i can automate it all i guess i'll provide for them few with older hardware. since there still ok for firewalls and other uses.01:19
Romstercdoc_, if you have your own ports collection do by all means register the repo at
cdoc_do many people use crux for firewalls?01:22
horrorStrucki do :)01:23
cdoc_I like pf a bit more than iptables :P01:23
horrorStrucki use it for a home router/firewall, very simple setup so i have no complains wrt iptables so far01:24
Romsteri do don't know about others01:27
Romsterxtables-addons :)01:28
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teK_Romster: added the mirror && notified cdoc_08:27
RomsterteK_, cool08:54
juerunning the new gcc since friday here, no issues so far, a port is in my private repo now, please use/test ;)10:26
Romsteri may after i've got moosefs running.10:40
Romsterand distcc on all these machines too.10:40
horrorStruckFWIW, i've been using 4.7 weekly snapshots (pre-4.7.3) for a long time, then 4.7.3-RC and now release without issue either.11:07
frinnstanybody looked through the changelog for gcc? anything interesting for us?11:10
horrorStruckare there any gcc related workarounds in ports?11:14
horrorStrucksurely some patches :)11:17
horrorStruckbut i doubt they'll become obsolete with a bugfix release. but now i will just shut up because thai new year implies thai beer implies me being dumb11:20
Romsterwhat's the status on the gold linker?11:39
horrorStrucki use it for some ports (not so surprisingly, chromium) but it's still creating problems for some other ports (and noticeably the toolchain)11:46
Romsterdamn yu'd tink they had ironed the bugs out by now.11:59
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