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juegood morning06:55
jueRomster: sorry, but I don't remember that you ever has asked me to include something in prt-utils?06:57
jue.oO new java:  ... this Critical Patch Update contains 42 new security fixes07:06
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sepennew java 7u2107:32
sepenjue: do you remember our talk about java dirs?07:32
jueyep, I'm working on it, installing it into /usr/lib/jre/..07:34
sepenor jre7 if you want07:35
juehmm, do you prefer jre7 over jre?07:36
sepennah, I was seeying python2.7 as an example07:38
sepenjue: jre its ok to me07:39
sepenjust by removing the last part of version string will be advantageous07:40
sepenI leave it in your hands, I will do the same for jdk ;D07:40
sepens/seeying/looking/ pfff07:42
sepenhmm *seeing?07:43
sepenjue: matt from dropbear said 'I'll put up a new07:45
sepenrelease in a couple of days (wait to see if there are any07:45
sepenmore glaring bugs)'07:45
jueyeah, read that as well, but the bug in question (compile without zlib) is not relevant for us ;)07:48
sepenthe ML has been many threads the last days07:49
jueit's a very quiet list mostly07:52
sepenI had to create a dropbear folder in my inbox :P07:52
sepenand a filter too07:53
Romsterjue> Romster: sorry, but I don't remember that you ever has asked me to include something in prt-utils? <- i haven't yet but i intend too when i have more time to test, not gonan submit some half baked thing08:43
Romsterbtw did you fix finddeps08:44
Romsteri have jre6 and jdk7 installed i hope you wont kill my setup08:49
sepenjre6 uses version string08:49
Romsteroh and jre6 is 32bit too08:49
sepenanyways I can see any jre6 port in opt or official repos08:50
Romsterbut if it's a issue i can just use my own custom one.08:51
sepenwhen we take the decission I didn't take care about private repos08:51
Romsteri know08:52
sepen*I did not consider08:52
Romsternever added it to contrib or opt as i didn't think many would use it08:52
sepenanyways you're using usr/lib32/jre1.6.0_4308:52
Romstersome games still require jre6 32bit08:52
Romsterit's a pain08:53
sepenjust you need to use JAVAPATH, right?08:53
Romsteryeah so shouldn't be a problem08:53
Romsterprety much08:53
Romsteri use some jdk7 java apps yoo if you wana pastbin what you got so i can test08:54
sepenrename jdk and jre was to avoid unnecessary changes in git sources08:55
sepenlast time I got08:55
sepen 3 files changed, 1489 insertions(+), 1489 deletions(-)08:55
sepen rewrite jdk/.footprint (73%) ********** 73%*****08:55
jueRomster: running a fixed finddeps here, not committed yet08:55
Romsteryeah i agree one that point but id you ned multiple versions it can come back to bite you aswell08:56
Romsterjue cool so it's in the works08:56
sepenwe could write a java-select tool similar to gl-select08:56
Romsterfor crux, thats too much work08:57
sepenbut again, the problem is within the versions in official repos08:57
sepenso there is not a problem08:57
sepenRomster: you could write a README file for jre6 too08:57
Romsterwhat would i need to state?08:58
sepen*err romster/jre-3208:58
sepenif there is no problem then you will not need anything ;D09:00
Romsternevermind i said anything it's all good.09:06
sepenhehe it was a joke09:06
Romsterjust wondered what i could put in the README09:07
Romsteror was that a joke too and i didn't see it :D09:07
sepennot to use default /usr/lib/java -> ?09:07
Romsteroh i could mention about javapath09:08
Romsterprobably not a bad idea.09:08
Romsterdownloading java manually is a pain.09:10
teK_sepen: retry (rss.php)09:14
teK_frinnst: slap urself09:14
sepenteK_: thansk09:15
sepen working now09:15
teK_thanks ;)09:15
sepento you09:15
teK_btw did you change back my fix for the Firstname Lastname stuff in the timeline?09:16
sepenteK_: I think that no09:17
sepenteK_: did you work directly on timeline.php file?09:17
teK_si si senor :p09:17
teK_forgot to check the change in :\09:17
teK_no I didn't09:17
sepen-       $euser = $row['user_name'];09:18
sepen+       $euser = $row['real_name'];09:18
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frinnst10929 messages in last 5 minutes.10:11
frinnstfucking chinese scriptkiddies10:11
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