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juejaeger: finally looked at the man-page issue of python, I've collected some infos here ->
jueIMO it should not work at all, but the strange thing is that I've managed to get the additional symlink, but only if I put $PKGMK_WORK_DIR on a slow hard drive09:11
juesomething like a race condition probably?09:12
juethe "correct" way to fix the issue would be to avoid chained symlinks and create both links to the real man-page09:14
juewell, fixing pkgmk would be even better, but that's not entirely trivial09:18
jueanyway, just pushed a fix for the issue09:55
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jaegerwhat an odd proble12:36
jaegerhow slow is the slow hard drive in this case?12:36
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juejaeger: it's an old Samsung SP2004C, however not sure how it is related, the whole issue is kinda strange ...15:25
mike_kjaeger: have you tried to build xbmc 12.x yet?15:27
jaegerjue: fair enough15:42
jaegermike_k: yes, both 12.0 and 12.115:42
mike_kjaeger: any success? I have troubles with latest stable and it's git branch:
mike_ktried -DTIXML_USE_STL for tinyxml with no luck15:45
jaegerI have a tinyxml port in my repo that works. It was a bit of a pain, had to mess with it in multiple places15:50
mike_kjaeger: thanks. trying to rebuild. any reasons you have not updated personal xbmc port though?15:55
jaegerI updated it yesterday, actually16:07
jaegerI've had the 12.1 build locally for weeks, just got around to pushing it16:07
mike_kjaeger: thanks. I've almost build it. missing samba dep this time16:30
juebtw, any problems encountered with gcc 4.7.3?17:20
jaegerNot so far but I've not been using it long17:29
juesame here, found nothing suspicious so far, but let's wait a bit more17:49
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frinnstRomster: did you spot the libdrm-32 error in #crux?21:33
frinnst-    rm -r $PKG/usr/{bin,include,man}21:33
frinnst+    rm -r $PKG/usr/include21:33
frinnstyou still need to remove man21:33
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