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Romsterfrinnst, i propose you disable icu on harfbuzz and i'll provide a harfbuzz-icu port, since your not keen on making icu a hard dependency, all these soft dependencies are making crux harder to deal with12:03
Romsteror i could jsut make a icu harfbuzz just for webkitgtk in the same Pkgfile, i would prefer if harfbuzz just used icu, but that wont happen. unless you can show me how to disable icu in webkit.12:04
frinnstRomster: yeah i was planning on disabling that during the weekend. but due to excessive procrastination i didnt have time :)12:34
frinnstthere is no switch to disable it at the moment, its on the authors todo-list12:35
frinnstor, how heavy is icu?12:36
frinnstwould making it a hard dep make things easier for you perhaps?12:37
Romstericu built is 8.8MB but it has no other dependencies.12:41
Romsterit would be easier for webkit users if it was a hard dep.12:42
Romsterevery time i keep testing webkit and firefox i hit icu problems.12:42
Romsterand jue didn't like my readme on making sure harfbuzz had icu support.12:42
Romsterup to you what you do but having it as a soft dependency is a pain. either make it required or disable it. i can work around it if you don't need it.12:43
Romsterdon't think i can disable harfbuzz usage altogether?12:43
frinnstyeah simpler to just add icu i guess12:48
frinnsti'll fix it once i get home from work12:48
Romsterk much appreciated12:48
frinnstinstalling windowsapps are so simple:
Romstercrazyness, that's windows for ya.12:55
frinnstooo, it looks like it will install!12:57
Romsterrevo uninstaller can clean up the mess better than manually poking though the registry.12:58
frinnsti'll give it a go13:01
jaegergah, having to update my local 2.8 and 3.0 branch of opt when I want to change 3.0 is annoying as fuck13:20
jaegerI see this when pushing compat-32 but the commit still goes through: error: unable to update ./info/refs+13:26
Romsteryou shouldn't have to update 2.8 to update and push 3.014:33
Romstergit gc --aggressive14:44
Romsteronce in a while too to improve speed.14:45
juefrinnst: just to be sure, you are running gcc 4.7.3?14:58
frinnstyep, no issues15:04
frinnsti say its safe to push15:04
jueyep, think so as well15:05
frinnsti've done a complete rebuild with it and tested just uprading gcc15:05
frinnstno issues to report, but i dont use that many ports15:05
jueI've a build everything on our ISO with it, no issues15:06
jueso let's wait for jaeger's ok and then go for it15:08
juewrt icu, basically it's ok for me to build harfbuzz with it, but we should expect other ports to link against icu, though no idea which ports ...15:12
Romsterdamn i knew i forgot to test something the newer gcc.15:13
Romsterafaik firefox links to icu, don't see any others that are obvious.15:13
jueRomster: I bet, some more15:14
Romsteri'm also rushed over worked i clearly can not read that enabled is not disabled.15:14
jueRomster: indeed, I don't like the idea that our users must recompile harfbuzz, a port that comes with our ISO, after installing another port15:15
jueRomster: but I'm sure you don't like that as well :)15:17
Romsteron my system it's not a issue. in my chroot where i test stuff, it's a pain and i'm sure the many users that fail to look at the README files and come in irc thin it's a pain after hours later finding out the fix.15:18
Romsteri felt like doing a file check and exit if not found saying recompile harfbuzz but that felt too hacky todo.15:18
Romsterfeel free to see if icu can be disable din webkit i've had a look around. but don't see any such option.15:19
juewell, might be an option to talk here about such potential problems before doing anything ;)15:20
Romsterso need your binutuls and gcc?15:22
Romsteri'll do a test run in a chroot then head to bed while that munches it's way though ports over my distcc cluster.15:22
jaegerNo objections to the gcc update here, haven't run into any problems15:23
juejaeger: thx, I'll commit it15:24
Romsterugh already added jues repo and downloading.15:25
Romsternote that boost if oyu use that needs a rebuild to link to new g++15:26
jueRomster: we are not in hurry, no problem to wait until tomorrow if you do some more testing15:26
Romsterit's probably ok but i've had stuff asplode on gc updates.15:27
Romsterand i should of started testing this sooner but busy and forgot too.15:27
Romsteryour binutils is at the same version what's the difference?15:27
jueoops, sorry, I forgot to remove binutils15:28
Romsterok that's building, i'm gonna head to bed and review it tomorrow.15:34
juegood night15:35
frinnstwebkit doesnt bundle any libraries? chromium and firefox both do15:57
frinnstmight be a workaround to use the bundled harfbuzz/whatever15:58
frinnstbut i guess not15:58
jaegerno idea there, sorry17:23
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