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sepenfrinnst: I tried to update firefox on i686 and I had problems with nss version checking for nss-config... /usr/bin/nss-config09:10
sepenchecking for NSS - version >= 3.14.3... no09:10
sepenconfigure: error: you don't have NSS installed or your version is too old09:10
sepen=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/pkg/firefox#20.0-1.pkg.tar.xz' failed.09:10
sepensorry for the paste :P09:12
frinnsti pushed that for 2.809:19
frinnstnot synced for a while?09:19
frinnstwait, what?09:20
frinnst nss: updated to 3.14.209:20
frinnsthwo the hell did that happen?09:21
sepenI modified nss and now I'm building 3.14.3 because I felt that something strange was happening09:23
sepenmaybe you have nss 3.14.3 changeset locally?09:24
teK_why don't we have any french developers?09:29
sepenbecause all French engineers are doing renault engines ;D09:30
teK_wtf :p09:30
teK_so us germans don't build (good) enough cars? ;)09:32
sependid not mean that09:33
sepenI love audio r809:34
teK_the question is: can you afford it, too?09:34
sepenI'm working hard to get it, maybe in my next life09:35
teK_serves you right!09:36
frinnstvw golf multifuel09:36
frinnstI dont pay any tax on it because its a "green" car09:37
teK_the problem is: this whole car-thing is just insane.. so much money for a load of steel and wiring09:37
frinnstbut it uses more fuel than a golf gti09:37
teK_frinnst is green =) could imagine that from day one09:37
sepenhey guys we're talking about cars here (-devel) ...09:37
frinnstso im in the process of convincing myself that it would be more economial to get a gti or something even more fun :)09:37
sepensorry, I started this topic09:37
frinnsthaha yeah09:37
teK_the only car I ever  want is a Audi A5 but I'm a bit off financially :P09:37
teK_it's become quite an obsession ---^09:39
sepenfrinnst: thanks10:26
frinnstthanks for letting me know. im surprise nobody else has complained :)10:26
sepenfrinnst: 13.4.3-1 or -2?10:29
sepen3.0 has release=210:30
Romsterjue, gcc looks good from here10:46
horrorStruckteK_: do you need help with french?11:27
frinnstsepen: ah11:29
frinnst2.8 users wont get that l33t feature :p11:29
Romsteryou could of put that in 2.8 too.11:33
sepenfrinnst: 11:28 < sepen>
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teK_horrorStruck: no I don't but thanks for the offer12:19
jaegerI went from a german car to a japanese car, heh12:40
teK_a rice cooker? :>12:40
jaegerSomething with a bit more performance than most of those, heh12:41
frinnstsepen: bah :)12:45
frinnstlong urls ftw!12:45
jaegerunrelated to cars, probably time for me to build a new updated ISO12:45
frinnstcars > iso!12:46
jaegerwell, the car isn't going anywhere at the moment, will still be around :)12:46
frinnsttoyota gt86 looks like fun12:46
teK_jaeger has a honda, right?12:47
sepenI need to change my lightbulbs, I've a megane II, pfffff12:47
teK_besides.. the topic was Audi!12:47
jaegerI used to drive an acura, before that a VW12:47
jaegerNow I have a subaru Impreza WRX12:47
jaegersubaru buddies12:47
frinnstsepen: hah12:49
jaegerlove top gear :)12:49
frinnstdont mess with modern cars12:49
teK_and subtle..12:49
jaegerexcept the american version, which sucks12:49
sepenjaeger: I like subaru too, but here it is not easy to find replacement parts12:49
frinnstjust hand it back to the shop and let them do it12:49
jaegersepen: sorry to hear that :)12:50
teK_I can change them myself. :>12:50
sepenI suggest to file a new channel called #crux-cars ;D12:50
teK_"gotta take the wheel off"12:50
teK_wtf :D12:50
sepenand for next cruxcon we can prepare a GP :)12:50
teK_germany \o/12:51
sepenteK_: yeah, meganeII is a pain12:51
frinnstfuck, i wanna play gran turismo12:51
frinnstneed to connect my wheel once i get home and run around nordschliefe (sp?) a bit12:51
teK_screw GT.. I want a new car :>12:52
jaegerfrinnst: I love running around the nordschleife in the bmw m3 gtr in GT4, so much fun12:56
jaegerpretend I'm Hans Stuck or something12:56
frinnsti love the rally stages12:56
jaegerMe too, lots of fun there12:56
jaeger <-- this12:57
jaegerI love the sound of that car, though I'd probably go insane actually driving or riding in it12:57
frinnsti should probably reset my profile.. I've done all the challenges that I can do with the cars that are in my garage.. and not enough $$ to buy the ones i need for new challenges :/12:57
jaegerMy wheel is in bad shape these days, it's many years old now12:58
jaegerI have one of those old logitech ones12:58
teK_ist this a scratch in his window?12:58
jaegerI think so12:58
teK_hahaha :D12:58
jaegerIf the glass comes out it'll just cool the car better :D12:58
teK_Hans-Joachim is cool enough!12:59
frinnstahh, that whizzing sounds on the overrun12:59
teK_holy. cow. grabbing the table for halt when watching...12:59
jaegerIt starts to get really fun around 3:3013:00
jaegeraround 4:00 he gets on his way13:01
frinnstbrave overtaking random people on the inside, not knowing what the fuck they might do :D13:01
jaegerHe's past them before they even notice in some cases, I bet :)13:02
teK_stupid and slow porsche get off!!!13:03
jaegerI read somewhere years ago that you can pay to have him drive you around the nordschleife :)13:03
jaegerI wonder how much they charge to clean the passenger seat after13:03
teK_so bascially he's a taxi driver13:03
frinnstyeah they have a bunch of cars they do that with13:03
jaegerthe best taxi driver :D13:03
sepenwow! 4:00 to 5:00 pfffff13:03
sepennice video!13:03
jaegerSome friends and I used to play cat & mouse in GT3 and GT4 on the Nordschleife - you get an even number of players and half of them drive really fast cars13:04
jaegerlike the JGTC race cars or something13:04
jaegerthe other half drive minis13:04
jaegeryour team has 1 mini and one supercar13:04
jaegeryour goal is to get the mini across the finish line first :D13:04
jaegerhow you do that is your choice but it usually devolved into 1 of 2 options13:05
jaeger1) push the mini using the supercar13:05
jaeger2) distract the other drivers with the supercar while the mini driver races for the line13:05
jaegerWe got the idea from Project Gotham Racing on the xbox but it was more fun in GT3/4 :D13:07
frinnstthat last straight is so awesome13:08
jaegeryeah, love that13:08
frinnst"Nurburgring Taxilaps mit Striezel Stuck im Audi R8 LMS"13:09
frinnstcurse youtube and your related videos!13:09
frinnstwont get anything done13:09
frinnstFastest Nurburgring Lap Ever - Pagani Zonda R [720HD]13:10
jaegerI call that "rabbit-trailing"13:10
jaegeryoutube and imgur are bad for that13:10
jaegerhrmm... in addition to a new updated ISO I need to work on MATE 1.613:12
jaegerthat pagani zonda r lap is insane13:13
jaeger6:47 or something13:13
jaegerI've never played gt5, too expensive for me :)13:14
jaegermaybe it isn't anymore, I've not looked in a while13:14
jaeger$20 from amazon now, heh13:14
jaegermaybe I'll get it sometime13:14
jaegerAnother of my absolute favorite cars to drive in GT3/4 is a Nissan GT-R R3413:15
jaegerI'd really love to own one of those, too, but they *ridiculous* to get in the US13:15
frinnsttheres someone in my small town with a gt-r13:16
jaegerI've seen a few of the new GT-Rs here but I really want an R34 :D13:17
jaeger <-- this is as close as I can afford to get :D13:17
jaegerI wonder how well GT4 would run emulated these days, I'd kinda like to play it again13:22
jaeger <-- sounds like it's a bit of a pain13:23
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jueRomster: thanks for testing16:25
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Romster$ git fetch22:44
RomsterConnection closed by
Romsterfatal: Could not read from remote repository22:44
Romsterdon't know why that happend last night, works now ok22:44

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