IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-04-24

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teK_Romster: maybe __mavrick61's restrictive router^Wfirewall was being hostile to you05:29
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Romsterwhy would mavrick61's firewall be even sending me data to begin with08:56
Romsterdsl was out for a short while at 2am in the morning08:57
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Romsterwhere are these weirdos coming from...13:52
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jaegeryou mean the ones teK_ is hiring? :D14:08
jaegeroops, that was a secret!14:08
teK_WELL WELL14:59
teK_better /notice the others next time14:59
Romsterwhat others ?15:04
teK_I'm sure there's a bigger revolution going on !115:04
teK_or conspiracy15:04
Romsterit5's not java it 's not mineos it has to be a crux problem!15:06
teK_and the wrong channel :>15:06
Romsteri'm bagging him behind his back.15:06
teK_uuuuh that looks just like you :P15:07
teK_creepy acksneaking ping pong player15:07
Romsterhah man....15:07
teK_always a pleasure :P15:07
teK_but now I really gotta run15:07
teK_< afk15:07
Romsterif you want creepy listen to this friday night tech.15:08
Romstertable tennis started last week, our team won too.15:09
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