IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-04-28

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frinnstoh, you pushed it?11:00
frinnstive been testing and tweaking it a bit11:01
jueyep, any reason why not?11:01
juerunning both rc's without issues11:01
frinnstnot really :)11:01
juedo you have corrections to the port?11:03
frinnstno, i was just messing about with the stuff we include11:03
frinnstthe port i had ready for pushing was identical to the one you pushed :)11:03
juefine :)11:04
juebtw, the libusb situation is quite confusing, the fork (libusbx) is currently at version 1.0.15 but the "original" (libusb) is about to release a 1.0.16, while their last release was 1.0.911:08
frinnstare they consolidating the projects perhaps?11:09
jue1.0.16 has an extented API, with changed so name oc11:09
jueTBH, I don't really get it at all11:09
juerunning 1.0.15 (libusbx) here without problems, but unsure what we should do at all11:10
frinnsti'll ask around whats going on11:12
juenearly every distri I've looked at, even debina, has done the switch to libusbx but if libusb extends the functionality this may change back again11:13
juefrinnst: great!11:13
frinnstChanges since 1.0.15rc1:11:13
frinnst- Pulled changes from libusbx tree.11:13
frinnstlooks like it11:13
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frinnstjue: they are not merging the libusb{x} projects19:29
frinnst16:05 <CareBear\> frinnst : some of libusbx commits are silly, others are good19:29
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