IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2013-04-29

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Romsterlibusbx only came about as libusb was stagnating07:47
frinnstyay for drunkenly configured mailservers08:01
frinnstseems mail addressed to me bounced yesterday :)08:01
frinnstVersion 1.2.8 fixes a very rare bug in decompression. All users are encouraged to upgrade immediately.08:07
teK_sweet.. the last Xorg server update makes chromium segfault on rendering one of my 50 open tabs08:08
teK_frinnst: what's the recommendation for rebuilding after the update? I did nvidia + *-input-*08:12
teK_hm from your mail.. should suffice..08:14
teK_and it's not flash that crashes >_>08:17
frinnstwhat update? xorg?08:50
frinnstyeah drivers only usually08:51
Romsternto to be obvious but prt-get update -fr `revdep`08:51
teK_frinnst: /209:08
teK_someone please stab me09:48
juefrinnst: thanks for the info, so sticking with libusb should be the way to go IMO09:57
juefrinnst: wrt zlib, was kinda broken, at least it was not possible to build firefox against it which I'd reported upstream, hope he fixed the issue09:59
jue( is rc for 1.2.8)09:59
frinnstyeah agreed re. libusb10:01
frinnsti installed the new zlib on my box at work10:02
juehere as well, trying to build firefox now ...10:05
frinnstme too :)10:09
frinnstbeen compiling for a while now.. how fast did you hit the build failure?10:10
juehmm, good question, was in the second half I'd say10:10
jueyeah, found the fix in git ->
jue=======> Building '/home/crux/packages/3.0/firefox#20.0-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.10:27
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frinnstyep, 21b5 builds aswell11:02
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jaegerI've got zlib 1.2.8 installed as well, no problems I've seen so far13:40
frinnstshould be pretty safe to push, no?19:15
jaegerIt seems so to me19:17
frinnstteK_: md5 error with unrar19:21
frinnstok, ill push19:21
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