IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-05-02

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teK_jaeger: ping?12:39
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jaegerteK_: what's up?13:10
teK_did you use ZFS with Linux or Solarais?13:11
jaegeryes :)13:12
jaegerFreeBSD also13:12
teK_were you satisfied with stability, data integrity and performance with linux and zfs? do you remember which version you used?13:13
teK_Solaris and FreeBSD are not that interesting because of the (non-existant) license issues ;)13:13
jaegerI didn't really use it long enough in linux to quantify its long-term stability but for the amount of time I used it it seemed totally fine. I don't remember the version for sure but I think the last one I used was 0.6.0-rc913:14
jaegerI'm using openindiana at home now for my ZFS NAS since opensolaris is defunct. It's rock solid so far13:15
teK_ok thank you13:16
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