IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2013-05-04

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frinnstanybody thinking of getting a radeon-si card?14:52
frinnsti think we need some changes in mesa3d and introduce glamor in ports for it to work properly14:52
frinnst(Radeon HD 7000 series)14:55
jaegerNot I, though I've got no objections to the changes if they're needed16:00
frinnstid like to see a stable and usable version of glamor before doing anything though16:24
frinnstoh right. i was planning on nuking some old abandoned ports a while back.. this weekend might be the right time for that.16:25
frinnsti'll compile a list before doing anything and check with you guys :)16:25
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frinnstthat is the list from opt, not too bad20:21
frinnstiirc horrorStruck needed libtxc_dxtn ?20:22
frinnstthis is contrib:
frinnstsorry, couldnt wait to remove cedega :)20:36
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frinnstwtf am i watching? :)22:29
frinnst is kinda painful to watch22:50
frinnstsimple mistakes..22:50

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