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teK_some people just like talking =)09:10
teK_or the sound of their voice09:10
teK_ it took me five hours to install crux09:11
teK_if you have the kernel config handy it's more like five minutes :O)09:11
teK_swap on sda1? yeah, common setup :>09:12
Romsterdoens't take me more than half an hour to setup and configure.09:15
Romsterincluding compiling the kernel.09:15
Romsterdocumentation helps if your not sure.09:16
teK_hello Romster09:16
teK_everything ok in down under?09:16
Romstertired after dejaying, tring ot read stuff waitng for my chroot to become free to do some maintance but i'm rather tired so i may leave crux ports until after darts tomorrow nite.09:17
teK_so.. get some sleep09:17
teK_what time is it at your place09:17
Romsterbit early to sleep yet i think09:18
Romsterconsidering my usual sleeping time is between midnight and 3am09:19
Romsterand i'm up by 8am for work at 9am.09:19
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frinnstdude, thats unsustainable10:13
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Romstergive me more hours in the day then frinnst and then ones that don't clash when others are on at odd hours as well.10:17
Romsterdue to being on the other side of the world.10:17
Romsteri've been doing this for years frinnst most nights i get 7 hours sleep which seems to be my optimum.10:18
frinnsti cant live on less than 810:18
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frinnstwho are doing all the compat-32 work? romster and jaeger?11:27
Romsteryes pretty much me and jaeger11:28
Romsternot sure if anyone else is in there.11:29
Romsteri know dbus-32 needs a bump11:29
Romster$ check-32-versions11:29
Romsterdbus-32 1.6.8 - dbus 1.6.1011:29
Romsterfirefox-java-plugin-32 1.6.0 - firefox-java-plugin 1.7.011:29
Romsterjre-32 1.6.0_43 - jre 1.7.0_2111:29
Romsterother two are my own ports11:29
frinnstlooks like we need llvm-32 bacause if you have llvm installed and try to build mesa3d-32 it will try to link against the 64bit libraries11:31
frinnstseems like this is a never-ending issue :/11:31
frinnstor maybe force off llvm in mesa3d-32 until someone complains?11:32
Romsteroh that saw that in the backlog too. so mesa3d prefers llvm over gcc/g++?11:34
frinnstwell if you have llvm installed it detects and tries to use it11:34
Romsterand it's not a hard dep on mesa3d11:35
frinnstthats the unforseen problem11:35
frinnstbest is probably to disable it in the configuration, if thats possible11:36
Romsterso the issues i face are i either make a llvm-32 but then they have to install llvm-32 if they have llvm installed else mesa32-32 will still fail... or disable llvm in mesa3d-32 if possible.11:36
Romsteronly gallium needs llvm?11:46
Romsteri could just disable that.11:46
frinnsti think you need that for radeon-si in the future :(11:47
Romsterbut the best thing would to figure out why it's looking for the 64bit llvm to begin with that shouldn't do that.11:47
Romsterthis is like the same issue i got with harfbuzz missing a dependency for webkit.11:48
frinnstyep its all a big mess11:48
frinnstim finally setting up a multi-lib env here11:48
Romsterthe stuff i have to deal with :/11:49
frinnsthopefully i'll be a bit more helpful soon :)11:50
Romsterah i got a solution11:52
Romsterit's looking for /usr/bin/llvm-config it's not using pkg-config *mumbles*11:52
Romsteri can sed it to look for /usr/bin/llvm-config-3211:52
Romsterand because it can't find it it'll build without and if it exists it'll build with it.11:53
frinnstjust made your life a bit easier11:53
Romster--with-vdpau-libdir=DIR directory for the VDPAU libraries12:02
Romsterhmm mesa3d can use libvdpau too.12:02
Romsteri noticed chromium bundles it's own harfbuzz with icu, no suprise there. my best bet seems tobe making a harfbuzz-icu port and then making webkit look for that.12:04
frinnstI just added icu to harfbuzz12:05
frinnstso no need12:05
frinnstnot pretty, but probably the best compromise12:06
Romsterbut it needs to be on the iso too not pretty either.12:08
Romsteri don't think juw would approve of that.12:09
Romsteri'll try again to build harfbuzz in the webkit port and install it in some spot where only webkit will look.12:11
Romsteroh you already pushed it hmm12:12
frinnstit is sub-optimal, yes12:18
frinnstbut webkit is a nice port to have12:18
Romstertrue, i'll hold off touching the README on the webkit port until jue is happy with the change.13:07
jaegerfrinnst: did you watch all 2 hours of his video?13:57
Romsterwhat 2 hours..13:58
frinnstjaeger: hehe no, i skipped quite a bit14:00
horrorStruckwatch latest vid, there's a crux fork coming soon. i'm on his IRC channel right now but quite channel is quite.14:00
jaegerfrinnst: was curious if there were any highlights :) he rambles a lot14:01
frinnstjaeger: well the whole install part is quite funny14:01
horrorStruckquiet even14:02
frinnsttrying to mount partitions without filesystems etc14:02
Romsteri think that person looks like me a few years ago with hvlinux.14:03
Romsterhow disturbing14:03
jaegeryeah, saw him mention in #crux that he was making a fork. tired of debian base, I guess14:06
jaegerteK_: sda1 is almost always my swap :)14:07
frinnstsda1 should always be /boot or /14:07
jaegerback when hard drives were slow and spinning I wanted the swap up front :)14:07
jaegerdoesn't matter now14:07
jaegerJust inertia, really14:07
jaegervery rarely touch swap these days, got a lot more RAM than I did back when that was a legitimate concern14:08
frinnstI read an article regarding partition placing on spinning media a few weeks ago.. iirc it totally debunked any speed concerns :)14:09
jaegerhow old was the article? I'm thinking of disc speeds 10 years ago :)14:09
jaegerI doubt it makes *any* difference now14:09
frinnstah, well it was maybe a month or so old14:09
jaegerah :)14:09
teK_Support Topics14:17
teK_uh, paste leak14:18
frinnstnice fix Romster15:12
Romsterta frinnst15:13
Romsterstill working on llvm-3215:13
Romsterbed time i'll finish llvm-32 when i wake up.15:40

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