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Romsterdamn llvm it's ignoring libidr mandir something is up with it's build system08:24
Romsterpoking around now to see if i can find what08:24
teK_what's the matter?12:12
Romsterheaders are broken between 32 and 64bit multilib, mandir libdir and all other configure paths are not respected.12:37
Romster jsut look at all the bugs.12:37
Romster llvm-32 i'm still testing it but then i'll need to fix the headers.12:41
jueRomster: finally find the time to fix finddeps ;)15:54
juefrinnst: FYI, just added icu to our TODO3115:58
frinnstcheers. any thoughts of the ports on my nukelist? :)16:25
frinnsti tricked tek into adopting valgrind (muhahha) and took dvd+rw-tools myself16:26
jaegerI would take pwgen, I use that frequently. The rest I don't need16:32
jaegeris rugek definitely out?16:38
frinnsti sent him a mail +6 months ago17:30
frinnstnever got a reply17:30
frinnsthe hasnt committed anything for maybe 2 years17:30
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tuxhathey i would like to do a tiny distro using crux linux base as the main core, i don't want to fork crux .. i want to just make a simple X11 + fluxbox with my configs a few tools and xmobar .. is it possible i can make a personal remaster to do just that and a simple installer to install it like the live session presents.. i know like arch linux has a tool call archiso.. i was wondering if tools like that exist for remastering crux and if not what s18:33
frinnstnot really, but the entire iso-build is available via git18:40
frinnstyou are welcome to add whatever packages you want to include in the installer18:40
tuxhatthats cool yeah i know that but can i do a live cd ?18:41
frinnstsure, but it will involve more work18:41
tuxhatoh i dont mind getting my hands dirty18:41
frinnstiirc, someone published a crux live-cd on the mailinglist a few months back18:41
tuxhati just need more teaching on it thats all18:41
tuxhatyeah i saw that18:41
tuxhati'm trying to think how they done that18:42
frinnstprotip: ask him :)18:42
tuxhati find that is cool, but i just want to do it myself and use my own ideas not that im saying his / her distro is bad , just have my own taste and i like to develope and build it myself and i find that to be fun :)18:42
tuxhatok thanks18:43
tuxhathmm protip does he go on irc ?18:43
frinnstnot that i know of18:43
frinnsthe does loads of various respins of lots of different distributions18:43
tuxhatyeah i notice18:43
tuxhati just want to do just crux :D18:44
frinnstalso, his name is not "protip" :)18:44
tuxhatyeah i can figured it out18:44
frinnstheh, just wanted to clairfy :)18:44
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tuxhati want to make a distro just like this screenshot18:46
tuxhatwith crux base18:46
tuxhatwhich is all my configs18:46
tuxhati got the git clone18:47
frinnstwhy not just install it on a usb-drive and build a generic kernel/initrd?18:48
frinnstif you want it portable18:48
frinnstwell i understand the need to tinker :)18:49
tuxhatyeah well it will be educational and work to be done i suppose if i master it .. i may have something going ... not that i dont think crux is good the way it is.. because it is to be fully honest and it keeping it simple which i understand.. i just like to work with distros. i could do my own from scratch , but i really find crux base and package manager + ports is perfect and works very well for me and my philosophy the taste of crux is amazing i18:51
tuxhatmake it more a complete desktop os using fluxbox which still makes crux base and the philosophy "keep it simple" and still "lightweight" since fluxbox is only 7mb18:53
Amnesiatuxhat: guess what size my window manager is:)18:54
tuxhathaha what18:54
tuxhati know most people use console18:54
tuxhatwhich is what i like too i use half and half18:54
tuxhatdwm ?18:55
tuxhatwhat window manager do u use ?18:55
juefrinnst: I'm all for removing the unmaintained ports, it's easy to recover them from git so we lost nothing18:55
Amnesia56  /usr/bin/dwm18:55
tuxhatyeah i kind of figured u use dwm18:55
tuxhat12000 lines18:55
tuxhatC language quite lightweight18:55
frinnstjue, ok i'll bring out the axe then :)18:56
tuxhati'm kind of bored of tiling wm :P i like fluxbox i guess i grew up using fluxbox for the most part i guess i never got sick of fluxbox18:56
Amnesiatiling wm's are the most efficient imo18:56
tuxhati done my own styles dark alloy is an old enlightenment 16 theme i just port it to fluxbox and script it myself and convert the pictures in gimp :)18:57
frinnstjaeger: ill leave pwgen if you want to adopt it18:57
tuxhathey thanks frinnst for the info i will go with the git source of crux iso and do my best to port my configs with crux base and take in ur idea on generic kernel/initrd and see where i can go from there..  u help me in away where i can do my own research :)19:00
tuxhatthank you very much19:00
tuxhati will send a post once the snapshot if or whenever its completed and uploaded to sourceforge if anyone wants to give a go ... so i will be busy not working on it now19:00
tuxhatcheers :P19:01
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frinnsti've left libtxc_dxtn in opt. iirc horrorstruck wanted to maintain it (in contrib if not in opt)19:06
jaegerfrinnst: sure, I'll take it, though it hasn't been updated upstream, either, so I guess I'll just update the maintainer info19:18
frinnst might be worth looking into19:19
frinnstsecure and easily remembered pw-gen19:19
jaegerhrmm, looks like a decent replacement. all I use pwgen for is to generate a random pass of X length19:20
frinnstI also use these nifty aliases:19:21
frinnstalias pwgen="for ((n=0;n<10;n++)); do dd if=/dev/urandom count=1 2> /dev/null | uuencode -m -| sed -ne 2p | cut -c-16; done"19:21
frinnstalias pwgenb64="for ((n=0;n<10;n++)); do dd if=/dev/urandom count=1 2> /dev/null | uuencode -| sed -ne 2p | cut -c-16; done"19:21
jaegerheh, nice19:21
jaegerI might just use that instead since sharutils is in opt19:22
Amnesiajaeger: uuencode is also in sharutils:)19:23
jaegerthat is the point19:23
frinnstpasswdqc generates passwords like: "quite5puppet4Learn"19:25
jaegerI'll check it out19:26
Amnesiadafuq, irssi's suddenly displaying stuff in a bold style..19:27
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jaegerhrmm... I wonder which of these are harder to crack19:36
jaegerpasswdqc or pwgen19:36
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jaegerI will go ahead and take pwgen for now, will remove it later if I stop using it19:41
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tuxhati sign up with the contrib list thingy23:29
jaegerfigure out how to make your own ISO?23:29
tuxhatbut im kind of lost here with setting up a repository23:29
tuxhatcool how ?23:29
jaegerIt was a question, heh23:30
tuxhati was just wishful thinking23:30
tuxhatoh well i was thinking making some pkgmk files23:30
tuxhatand maybe learn how to use git23:31
tuxhatand make a special repository for the distro with crux23:31
jaeger might help if you haven't seen it already. It's old but useful info23:31
jaegerOr that23:31
tuxhatyeah i saw that i actually had base and i just delete it i was thinking hmm i need to have my own custom Pkgfile23:32
tuxhatfor like spacefm and deadbeef23:32
tuxhatand lxappearance23:32
tuxhati have a vision i'm just trying to make that vision with data23:33
tuxhati could do it the easy way and do a acrh linux archiso base23:33
tuxhatbut its not the same as crux23:33
tuxhati find crux is a good base23:33
tuxhatthe best ever23:34
tuxhatthe logic of the system is in the right place23:34
tuxhatfits good23:34
tuxhatSystem:    Host crux-box Kernel 3.6.11 x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop Fluxbox 1.3.5 Distro CRUX () ()23:34
tuxhatInfo:      Processes 88 Uptime 20:53 Memory 922.4/7984.9MB Client Irssi 0.8.15 inxi 1.8.923:34
tuxhatim making my own custon "Pkgfile"23:35
tuxhatfor spacefm and deadbeef and lxappearance for fun23:35
tuxhatalso useful too23:36
tuxhati prabably chain the repo with the setup script of crux23:36
jaegeryou should check the portsdb, some of those might already be available23:36
tuxhatyeah i have23:37
tuxhatspacefm is like 0.6X23:37
tuxhatand its now 0.8.723:37
tuxhatcould just change the "version"23:37
tuxhatrecycle the port23:37
tuxhatmy friend vincent taking much intrest in crux23:38
tuxhatwe sorted out rtorrent very awesome console torrent client23:38
tuxhati dont think contrib have lxapperance23:39
tuxhatit should have it23:39
tuxhatits a nice C base gtk2 / icon / fonts changer23:39
tuxhati mean u have openbox why not its theme config program :P23:40
tuxhatlxappearance maybe in 3.1 ?23:41
tuxhatwell im gonna make a pkgfile of lxappearance and recycle deadbeef and spacefm to the lastest version23:43
tuxhati only need a file programs with my distro idea its not gonna be jam pack with programs just basic useful tools for x11 and fluxbox23:44
tuxhatwell thanks for the company and time. have a good one eh23:45
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