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tuxhatseems like libwnck is broken01:11
tuxhatand idea how i can resolve my error01:11
tuxhatcomplaing about gobject-introspection ... so im gonna compiled the lastest source from ftg.gnome01:17
tuxhatftp ^01:18
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jueneed some help, I cannot see any source tarballs here, only the content of the README and "This folder has no files." is visible10:51
frinnsti see them now11:56
frinnstthought i did have a similar issue on sf a day or so ago11:56
frinnsthm, there seems to be some sort of issue:11:58
frinnstThe "/gphoto/2.5" file could not be found or is not available. Please select another file11:58
frinnstbut it did allow me to download something11:58
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jaegerhello again14:04
jaegerjue: I wonder if that's why my ck4up line for clamav keeps failing14:10
jaegerget "error: empty result" every time now14:11
teK_I have that for some ports, too14:18
tuxhat :P check this screenshot14:38
tuxhatlibwnck-1 "keeps failing for me"14:39
tuxhataka gobject-interspection14:40
tuxhatis like giving weird output14:40
tuxhati will pastebin it14:40
tuxhatjust to get "lxpanel" compiled is a living nightmare :P14:40
tuxhati like lxpanel pretty simple and lightweight, and also C base and quite customizable :P simular to "XFCE" panel but way better ;)14:44
tuxhati personally think Crux Contrib ports need lxpanel and lxappearance14:44
tuxhatif crux gonna use openbox i say why not the entire LXDE14:44
tuxhatlxde is very small14:45
teK_create a repo and contact sepen or me by email.14:45
tuxhathere is the paste of lxpanel failing with libwnck dep14:46
tuxhatyeah i will create a repo once i sort out the issue so i can also include the dep so the program will compiled perfect14:48
tuxhatseems like gobject-intropsection is doing something here with parseerror14:49
tuxhati updated gobject-intropection to the lastest source14:49
tuxhaton ftp.gnome14:49
tuxhati use ./configure --prefix=/usr14:50
tuxhati tried older version of lxpanel 0.5.8 and also 0.5.614:50
tuxhati also compiled libwnck-3.4.514:51
tuxhatthat compiled great14:51
tuxhatbut libwnck-114:51
tuxhatnot so great14:51
tuxhatit needs libwnck-2.31.0-114:53
tuxhateven if i have the later libwnck it doesn't resolve the <DEP> for lxpanel14:53
tuxhati don't really need lxpane,  but the fact that is not compiling and it bother me, and  need to fix it :P  --Fix It Gary14:58
tuxhati may need some tips of git to sort out the git configs and permission14:59
tuxhati do want to contrib to crux14:59
tuxhatthats why i'm here . I really like the crux system and it works out perfect for me in every way u think of .. for a hacking box. very great base platform , the best open source project i ever used :)15:01
tuxhati needs that source15:02
tuxhati'm gonna do it manually15:03
tuxhatits cool how i setup this up bash for user zsh for su15:04
tuxhati'm very puzzle why gobject-interspection is conflicting15:07
tuxhatpython :P15:07
tuxhati think maybe i'm missing girparser15:07
tuxhati will check me libs15:08
tuxhataa recover=True15:10
tuxhatlets see here :P15:11
tuxhatmaybe i just need lxml15:13
tuxhati tried CLFLAGS -03 -march=x86-64 on freebsd in make.conf i think been awhile i like that crux sets up the CFLAGS for u15:21
tuxhathmm now lxml fails15:23
tuxhator python2-lxml15:30
tuxhatrm: cannot remove '/usr/ports/contrib/lxml/work/pkg/usr/lib/python*/site-packages/lxml-*-py2.7.egg-info/*': No such file or directory15:32
tuxhat=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/contrib/lxml/lxml#2.3.5-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.15:33
juejaeger, frinnst: thanks for looking, think there is/was an issue with sourceforge, here is the related conversation on gphoto-devel ->
tuxhat-- Packages installed15:40
Amnesiafrinnst: the footprint for harfbuzz needs to be updated15:41
jueAmnesia: works for me, do you have icu, a new dependency, installed?15:43
Amnesia=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:15:43
AmnesiaMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/harfbuzz/hb-icu.h15:43
Amnesiabut nope, haven't installed icu15:43
Amnesiahm, icu is quite a big dependency..15:44
AmnesiaLength: 19001722 (18M) [application/x-gzip]15:44
jueyeah, indeed, but without it you cannot build webkit IIRC15:45
frinnstmm, its all a big mess15:45
frinnstthis was the least messy solution imo15:45
Amnesiajue: webkit's used by chrome right?15:45
Amnesiafirefox only requires gtk/dbus15:45
Amnesia(dbus's evil too though:P)15:46
frinnstwell yeah, but it uses its own webkit engine15:46
AmnesiaI see15:46
AmnesiaI'll ignore the dependency:)15:46
jueyeah, the whole gtk stuff is getting more and more problematic, we will see the day where gtk/dbus depends on systemd15:49
frinnstdbus will be included in the kernel by then15:50
Amnesiathat'd be a good thing, cause that'd make it easier to avoid using it15:51
jueyep, but the interface library will be part of systemd, that's at least what we can see currently15:52
tuxhathmm vala15:58
tuxhat^ sounds like a evil <DEP>16:50
tuxhat./configure --enable-introspection=no17:24
tuxhat-- Packages installed17:41
tuxhat=======> Building '/usr/ports/contrib/lxpanel/lxpanel#0.5.10-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.17:44
tuxhatprt-get: installing lxpanel 0.5.10-117:44
tuxhat-- Packages installed17:44
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timcowchipis BitchX too old for a port?18:41
timcowchipI was wanting to make something else that uses TCL18:44
timcowchip.........and I'll go back to the vanilla Crux channel18:48
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