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frinnsthm, they seem to have changed the nfs-utils tarball again11:13
frinnstah, same tarball as the old one11:14
frinnstsourceforge mirrors must be out of sync11:14
teK_I think that githubs tag-naming-tar policy suck even more12:01
teK_git tag 0.1 wil result in a file 0.1.tar.gz which has to collide with others at a random point12:02
jaegerI'm not a fan of that, either12:02
teK_I use git tag $project-name-0.1 for this reason but that's far from common..12:02
teK_btw.. do your man pages display some control sequences?12:16
teK_like <B7> in the host.allow man page in the 0.03372 paragraph12:16
teK_ACCESS CONTROL FILES paragraph..12:17
teK_I tried changing TERM to xterm and dislaying it in uxterm with less -F -i -X -R as PAGER12:17
jaegerI don't see it when logged in via SSH, will check native12:18
teK_same thing (+setup) via ssh on a remote host12:19
jaegerdoesn't show for me in xterm or mate-terminal (vte-based) either12:19
frinnstive seen stuff like that when ive had scewed locales setup12:20
frinnstbroken unicode etc12:20
teK_ for instance12:21
teK_LC_ALL points to en_US.UTF812:21
frinnstand is it generated correctly?12:22
jaegerweird... definitely not seeing any of that here12:22
jaegerI use en_US.UTF-812:22
frinnsti have LANG=en_US.utf812:22
teK_oh lord12:22
teK_%  localedef --list-archive | grep en_US12:25
teK_set LC_ALL to  en_US.utf812:26
teK_did not change a bit12:26
LukcHum. :|12:26
teK_frinnst: how did/would you generate your locale files? like:12:29
teK_localedef -i en_US -f UTF-8 en_US.UTF-812:29
jaegerthat's how I generated mine12:30
jaeger$ locale -a | grep -i utf12:30
jaeger$ echo $LANG12:30
jaegerI've always set LANG based on the usage of the localedef command rather than what "locale -a" shows, though not sure if it really matters12:30
teK_changing LANG and LC_ALL doesnt help either12:31
jaegerlooks like either works; changing LANG to the other results in the man page still looking normal12:32
teK_fun fact: control commands partially work as daemon is underlined etc.12:32
teK_also bold style is displayed12:32
teK_trying with a different user and a 'cleen' env12:33
teK_ok .. '?' instead of <B7>12:33
teK_is displayed12:34
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tuxhathey is it normal when u make bootstrap for it to take over 2 hours +22:44
tuxhati was attempting to make a crux iso for fun / testing and when i was make bootstrap it was on stage 0 for for than 2 hours and my pc going mental i have only a dualcore so i can understand it will take some time but 2 hours and still bootrapping22:45
jaegerevery package on the ISO is built 3 times22:45
jaegerrunning system is used to build stage0, stage0 is used to build stage1, stage1 is used to build stage2 (final)22:46
tuxhatis it better to do this in console ?22:46
tuxhatinstead onf X1122:47
frinnstwhy would it?22:47
tuxhati dont know i guess i have a slow computer22:47
jaegerShouldn't make any noticeable difference unless you're gaming or something else that might use a lot of CPU22:48
tuxhati should maybe do that over night when im sleeping :P22:48
tuxhati wasn't doing anything really just was in irc and firefox and my cpu is like running at 100%22:48
frinnstwell, yeah. thats what its supposed to do22:49
tuxhatok i know these are weird question, but i never done a snapshot on crux before22:49
tuxhati done it on arch and debian which doesnt take to long so i was just wondering22:50
jaegerHrmm, I should time the bootstrap next time I build an ISO update22:50
jaegerEr, well, pay attention to the time, I mean. It does print that :)22:50
tuxhatyeah it does22:51
jaegerI just don't usually note it22:51
tuxhatyeah thats cool .. is it possible i can put like some of my settings in iso like lets make a /root22:52
tuxhatwould it save on the iso ?22:52
tuxhator do u have to do like /etc/skel ?22:52
jaegerYou could do that easily, have a look at the Makefile in system/iso.git to see what files are copied22:53
jaegeryou could put them in a folder that's already copied or make your own and add it22:53
tuxhatwhen u make ur custom iso like lets say i added the contrib git source which i did with ports/ um like i put fluxbox and a few other contrib programs and make a packages.contrib << is that how it works  ? and when i run the setup would it give me opition to select contrib to ?22:58
jaegerYou'd need to edit setup as well, it's not quite that automated22:58
tuxhatok nah thats ok i just needed to know how it works man22:59
tuxhatim new to this22:59
tuxhatwell its easy to remaster on other distro22:59
tuxhatim guessing crux is like simular to LFS22:59
tuxhatwell lfs probably be more harder23:00
jaegersome similarities but LFS is much more manual23:03
tuxhatyeah i think i should practice with crux first :) as my training23:04
tuxhatwow this will take alot of work23:04
tuxhatthanks :)23:19
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