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brian|lfshello what's gstreamer-app qt4 says its missing?03:54
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teK_how's your repository doing17:18
timcowch1hi tek17:19
timcowch1its needs to be synced17:19
teK_which means it's ready for prime-time but not yet listed on or are your ports out of date17:20
timcowch1I uploaded trojita a Qt IMPAP  mail client17:20
teK_in the first case I'm happy to add it for you.17:21
timcowch1no its on the ports page17:21
timcowch1Romster is hosting it for me17:21
teK_how nice of him17:21
timcowch1yes it is :)17:21
teK_the portdb is updated hourly17:22
teK_in about 44 minutes17:23
teK_so just be patient. ;>17:23
timcowch1I upload to with git17:23
teK_well that doesn't matter for the receiving side of your ports :-)17:23
timcowch1then Romster syncs it with httpup17:23
timcowch1using portspage17:23
timcowch1he said he was going to automate the process17:24
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jaegergit post-update hooks could solve that easily17:32
jaegertoo slow!17:32
teK_iff it'd be up to romster, any way17:34
teK_any way. back to wrestling with iptables and documenting it ;)17:34
jaegerI've recently set up a bunch of iptables host firewalls, good times17:35
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tuxhathey i am wondering is it possible i can use functions.d on crux20:06
tuxhatsince it uses sysvinit20:06
jaegertechnically I don't see any reason why not20:09
tuxhatwell i put a animation i have in /etc/rc.d/functions.d/20:09
tuxhatbut it doesn't load it up20:09
tuxhatdo i have to configure something in /etc/inittab ?20:09
jaegerwell, you'd need to tell "it", whatever that is, to use your animation20:10
jaegerthose types of dirs are used by redhat-style scripts, not specific to sysvinit20:10
tuxhatit work on the older arch linux when they had sysvinit20:10
tuxhathere is the script20:11
jaegersomething probably called it, then, from another script20:11
tuxhat here is a youtube video of the same script i had it working on archlinux but im quite sure its possible it can fun on crux sysvinit20:15
jaegerI've no doubt that arch added some other script or functionality to call that20:16
tuxhathow can i get crux to call it ?20:17
jaegeryou could probably run it from one of the other rc scripts. you can see what's called via init in /etc/inittab and check those (for example rc.multi) to figure out when you want it to run20:18
tuxhathmm i think i need like a functions file in the /etc/rc.d/functions to run functions.d20:52
tuxhatalso arch linux old sysvinit use rc.sysinit and no rc20:53
teK_answer already21:17
teK_jaeger: do you know who's on the compat-32 team?21:21
tuxhathmm i notice crux dont have init.d in rc.d21:21
jaegerteK_: me, frinnst, jue, Romster21:44
frinnstI dont think either me or jue has committed anything to compat-3221:45
jaegeryou're in the group, though, for reference21:47
frinnstyeah I know :)21:47
frinnstI dont run any 32bit stuff at home (where i do commits), only at work21:47
frinnstleech perhaps is the correct word21:48
jaegerit was understandable :)21:48
teK_ldconfig spits errors about "same soname, different type" the two glib libraries21:52
teK_ldconfig: libraries and in directory /usr/lib have same soname but different type.21:52
teK_to be precise21:53
frinnstwhen do you see that?21:53
teK_skype    usr/lib/
teK_sorry for the noise21:53
teK_then again, skype is a contrib-port from Romster21:54
Romstertimcowchip synced22:52
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tuxhathey vincent23:19
tuxhatman i get the most rudest comments on my youtube channel this world gone bust23:27
tuxhatneat pstree -Ap23:29

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