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Romsteri had todo that for skype to even work teK_02:23
Romsterthough i was debating if i shoudl move the lib to the skype directory out of lib.02:23
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frinnstRomster: that is probably be the best option since you probably dont want any other application to use that lib07:21
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Romstermy head hurts try and decipher all that and see if there is a sane solution than my ugly hack.13:25
jaegerIs the 3.9.x kernel stable? It says that on but kernel dev seems to really jump versions quickly these days13:27
Romsteri'm still on 3.7.3 for two reasons, effort time to update and 2 it's stable and i think i've read about a few things broken in 3.8/3.9 series.13:28
Romsterbut i can't recall what. and it's so fast moving i can't be arsed to keep up.13:28
jaegerI wonder if there would be any benefit to switching the ISO to a "longterm" kernel version13:28
jaegerprobably not, unless it's hypervisor compatibility13:29
Romsterhmm i think i have read that hte kernel on the iso is too new for, no wiat thtas the glibc kernel headers were too new for vserver or some VM.13:33
Romsteriirc lvm2 and mdadm wernt in the iso nor was the man pages. that irritated me awhile ago.13:37
jaegermdadm is, no idea on lvm13:39
Romsterand cryptosetup13:44
Romsterthere the most common.13:44
Romsteri haven't had time or the motivation to dig much into crux, just bump a few ports here and there.13:48
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frinnst3.7 is no longer being updated14:16
frinnstneither is 3.814:16
frinnstNOTE, this is the LAST 3.8.y kernel release, please move to the 3.9.y14:16
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frinnstteK_: what was wrong with the mplayer snapshot?19:12
teK_won't work19:13
frinnsthaha wtf, nice url19:13
teK_and current svn snapshots are rather unstable wrt  ffmpeg19:13
frinnst3 lines19:13
teK_get a larger screen!19:13
teK_another issue with cmd substitution is present, too19:14
teK_smth. like mplayer -shuffle -playlist <$(find . -iname '*mp3')19:15
AmnesiateK_: so the same is/was happening for you!?19:37
teK_which one exactly?20:27
Amnesiathe cmd substitution thing20:31
teK_as I said.. 2-3 seconds20:33
Amnesiaah yeah20:34
Amnesiasame here20:34

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