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sepenfrinnst: I think you missed nspr in 2.8 before commit firefox10:57
sepenchecking for NSPR - version >= 4.9.6... no10:57
sepenconfigure: error: your don't have NSPR installed or your version is too old10:57
teK_or people / github could start tagging things more a more sane way :\10:57
sepen2.8 has version 4.9.4 of nspr10:58
teK_the officially supported vars/function(s) in Pkgfiles have been quite stable, I doubt these will change just because github sucks :o11:02
teK_but you ware right. The implementation itself should be a nobrainer11:02
teK_I see11:03
LukcHave you read how Gentoo does it?11:04
LukcI find it to be a quite elegant way.11:04
LukcWell, essentially, their source entry looks like that: SOURCE="http://foo/bar/thing.tar.gz -> $name-$version.tar.gz"11:05
teK_I'd like to hear what github peeps think about that, first11:33
LukcDid anyone ask? :p11:35
teK_not yet.11:35
teK_not only github.. but..?11:39
teK_my favourite: current.tar.gz11:41
LukcYes, stuff like that. :|11:41
LukcBut stable tarballs with no versions are a bit more of a problem, even though much rarer.11:41
sepenLukc: how many sources do you think we'll have for that case?11:54
LukcNot many. :p11:54
LukcI mean, if you do not count Github.11:54
sepenyou could rewrite unpack_source() function inside a Pkgfile11:57
sepenI did that in the past for racer port11:57
sepentake a look
sepenyou said 'not many cases'11:58
LukcI still find rewriting parts of the builder in the recipe to be overkill.11:59
LukcNo matter how rare it is.11:59
LukcIn particular if it requires to modify two or three lines in the builder. :|11:59
sependo you have a stable patch?12:05
sepenor why not file a ticket about that?12:05
LukcI can do a patch if requested.12:06
sepenis the best way to not forget some things12:07
sepens/things/reports, requested features, etc/12:07
sepenanyways, I can't see where is the problem with github sources12:08
sepenI recently added a port to my private repo that uses github sources
sepenand where is the problem with the final pkg.tar.xz file? Pkgfile works fine12:10
sepenmaybe the problem is github release model ;D12:11
sepenIMHO we can't depend on github because tomorrow another site will appear with the same problem12:12
sepenand note that if you change the way we use sources then surely we should change most Pkgfile to the new way12:15
sepenand thats a lot of work12:15
sepenmaybe I missunderstand you12:19
sepenyou said 'SOURCE="http://foo/bar/thing.tar.gz -> $name-$version.tar.gz"', right?12:19
sepenwhat that means?12:19
LukcSomething more like source=(http://foo/bar/thing.tar.gz as $name-$version.tar.gz) would be best on Crux, I think.12:20
LukcWhich would mean that thing.tar.gz has to be saved on disk as $name-$version.tar.gz.12:20
LukcAnd could be omitted if no renaming is required.12:20
Lukc(it means the same thing in both cases)12:21
sepenwell, that can't be implemented easily since source is an array with  space separated values12:21
LukcIt can be easily implemented.12:22
sepenand about $name-$version model, not all core ports use that
sepenwell, if can be easily implemented then file a ticket and attach a patch MD12:23
Lukcsepen, the idea is mainly to avoid collision with other recipes and to avoid having tarballs that are unidentifiable by their name.12:24
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frinnstsepen: ive pushed that, no?13:10
frinnstare you sure youve synced the ports ok?13:11
frinnstah, it was only nss I updated for firefox 2013:12
frinnstgod damnit13:12
jaegerHrmm... I need to get back on track with security notifications13:42
jaegerwhat do you guys use to track security issues? cve list?13:43
jaegerI also need to find a decent rss reader, I guess13:43
jaegerI think I used to read bugtraq but it's been a long time13:44
sepenI used to get subscribed to MLs but always have in mind a way to centralized that13:46
jaegerI preferred rss feeds back when I did follow those13:46
jaegerI wasn't subscribed to the list itself13:47
horrorStruckjaeger: newsbeuter is nice rss reader (jue's port in opt)13:51
jaegeryeah, looking at that one for terminals13:54
jaegermaybe liferea for X13:54
jaegeror a firefox or chrome extension13:54
horrorStrucki was using google reader but the bastards killed it :\13:55
jaegeryeah, I read that it was going away13:56
jaegernever used it, myself, so I guess I won't miss it :)13:57
horrorStruckpretty decent, and nice to sync bewteeen phone+browsers13:57
horrorStrucksnownews is also popular but i really did not want to spend hours on rss reader basic functionalities13:59
jaegerIt doesn't have reasonable defaults?14:00
horrorStrucknope definitely not :D14:00
horrorStruckyou need plugins and whatever crap it's called just for atom feeds14:01
horrorStruckor whatever14:01
horrorStruckanyway, newsbeuter is simple and nice :)14:01
jaegerlooks like it14:03
LukcAre there particular coding style constraints or bash features to avoid in pkgmk?14:09
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jaegerNothing official that I'm aware of. Perhaps there should be14:16
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frinnstjaeger: the openwall list is awesome15:02
frinnststupid projects (like the browsers and to some degree linux) dont use it15:03
frinnsti think they use mitre15:03
horrorStrucki like full-disclosure ML for the extra entertainment15:06
Lukcjaeger, perhaps there should be coding style constraits, or bash features to avoid? :p15:15
frinnstLukc: just keep it simple :)15:34
LukcSimplicity is relative.15:35
jaegerPersonally I don't see any reason to avoid bash features15:36
frinnstsepen: pushed updated nspr to 2.8, thanks for the hint15:39
sepenthanks to you15:47
jaegerone day I'll find a font that doesn't give me trouble18:03
jaegerah, seems inconsolata-dz doesn't have the issue18:05
jaegernever mind :)18:05
frinnstdoh, seems i fucked up the firefox footprint in 2.818:38

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