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juegood morning06:44
Romsterso has automake-1.13.2 re-added the depreciated stuff?08:49
Romsterwhat i don't get is how long has that stuff been depreciated and why is everyone else still using those.08:49
Romsteralso, morning everyone08:50
frinnstyeah, readded it09:06
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juefrinnst: automake is always good for surprises, got a build error with glib ->
frinnsthere i was, rushing it out since they reverted the breakage. result: more chaos \o/09:37
frinnstmy "what could possibly go wrong?" attitude doesnt seem to work anymore .)09:39
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Romsterwhy would glib need that... don't you only need automake when you rebuild configure?11:02
Romsterunless they did something with the macro functions m4 stuff11:02
frinnstI have no clue, not really looked at it11:30
frinnsthad 5 minutes to fix it during lunch :)11:30
Romsterjust seems strange.11:46
Romsterconsidering it copies the m4 files and stuff at the autreconf stage, so everything is there for configure.11:47
frinnstyeah, its only for the docs11:57
Romsterhmm, i haven't looked but that's just odd. why they did that.12:16
Romsteroh well.12:16
jaegeroooh, a package that jue didn't update before I woke up! should I update openssh? hehe12:46
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frinnstjaeger: hehe yeah14:08
frinnstI would update a lot more ports if ck4up ran later14:08
jaegerI feel like a slacker most times but he usually gets to them while I'm asleep14:09
frinnstyep, and i dont have the opportunity when im at work14:10
frinnstI did automake just before i left for work this morning (the gnu announce ml), and look how that turned out :)14:10
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juejaeger: yeah, go for it14:48
jaegerok. :)14:50
jaeger* ssh(1): Only warn for missing identity files that were explicitly14:52
jaeger   specified.14:52
jaegerobviously that caused no problems but it was annoying14:52
jaegerDo I need to push that to 2.8 as well? Are we still updating 2.8?14:54
LukcOf course you are. ]:->14:55
jaegerI'm not even running it anywhere :P14:55
LukcWell, I saw a few updates to 2.8.14:55
LukcOr maybe not. O_o14:56
LukcProbably not, actuall. :s14:57
jue2.8 is in a 'only important security fixes' mode IMO15:01
jaegerfair enough. that seems like what we decided but I couldn't remember for sure, sorry15:01
teK_cherry-picking to 2.8 should be cheap and without any harm so go for it :>15:02
jaegergit question for devs:15:02
jaegerIf your local git WC is out of date and contains multiple out of date remote branches, what's the preferred way to update it?15:02
jaegerIf I were to make a change in 3.0 when my 2.8 and 3.0 are both out of date, it fails unless I update both 2.8 and 3.0, which seems weird15:03
jaegerperhaps I'm just using the wrong workflow15:03
jaegerMy expectation would be that if I'm not pushing changes to 2.8 I shouldn't need to worry about 2.8 being locally updated15:04
frinnstyou can config that i think15:05
teK_define make a change in 3.0?15:10
juejaeger: I've a '[push] default=current' in my .gitconfig, so only the current branch is updated via a 'git push'15:11
jaegerI have that as well but it's possible that I haven't run into this issue since I made that change15:11
jaegercan't remember when I added that to my config15:12
jaegerI'll test again next time the situation appears15:12
jaegerteK_: for example, you update firefox in 3.0 and 2.8. Then I come in and update openssh in 3.0. I'm ignoring 2.8 but when this happened in the past I'd have to update my local WC of 2.8 and 3.0 for the 3.0 push to succeed15:13
jaegerI suppose a simpler version of the question would have been, "What do you do when you commit and push an update?"15:23
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jaegerdoes the java plugin not work with firefox 21?17:27
jaegerAh, no. It's that /usr/lib/firefox/plugins isn't used17:28
jaeger /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins works17:28
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jaegerneat. dban can erase a whole expander at once :) 51 hours estimated for a 3-pass DoD erase on 24 1GB 7200rpm SATA drives19:08
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jaegerfrinnst, jue, Romster, teK_: going back to the git question, when you're going to update a port and commit it, do you do a git fetch and git reset/git rebase origin/3.0, or a git pull, or something else?19:11
frinnstI usually just do a local commit, then git fetch && git rebase && git push19:19
frinnstjue: might be time for a new btrfs-progs again :)20:19
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sepenls -la21:56
Romster<frinnst> I usually just do a local commit, then git fetch && git rebase && git push <- that is what i do too.22:52
Romsterafk work22:53

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