IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2013-05-17

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juefrinnst: yep, just created a new tarball, version is 20130510, please use/test ;)06:06
juejaeger: fetch/rebase is what I'm doing here, pull only to update the unmodified WC06:11
Romsteryou can use git pull --rebase, but i prefer todo git fetch; git checkout 3.0; git rebase origin/3.0; git push and if needed git checkout 2.8; git rebase origin/2.8; git push08:20
teK_I do git push and in case of commits that would have to be merge I reset HEAD\^1 to avoid the notorious merge message in git log08:27
teK_just for the record :)08:27
Romsteri never get the merge message in the log.11:37
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jaegerfetch/rebase is what I do most of the time, wondered if there was a better way. thanks for the input, all12:12
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