IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-05-19

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Romsteri'm offering ports on to get around all the fugly githum and other site issues.09:16
jueRomster: sorry, but I don't see any issue using github with httpup?09:19
Romsterother than ports never worked with it. it probably works now with the certificates as per the bug report i posed ages ago before that was fixed.09:21
Romsterwhy do you need a ports driver for git^ it should just work now.09:21
juehmm, we don't need a git driver IMO09:22
Romsterand whats wrong with me offering to host ports?09:22
jueoc nothing ;)09:22
Romsterthey can decline if they don't want it.09:22
juebut you said that you have issues with github, and I ask which one09:23
juethat's all :)09:23
Romstercertificate issues that's why i submitted that bug report that's now invalid due to ca-certificates.09:24
Romsterthe other one was it woulnd't let ya use portspage, but reading though the irc log there is a way to display that now too.09:24
Romstersorry if i'm not clear i've had a long weekend and i'm tired.09:26
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frinnstseems perl 5.18.0 is out11:11
Romsterprobably should be deferred to CRUX 3.111:12
frinnstindeed, since it breaks footprints everywhere11:13
frinnstbut the rc's seems to run fine11:13
Romsterthat is good news11:56
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