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jaegerjue: I'm going to try to use your x86 3.0 repo to automate some 3.0 x86 building if you don't mind. May not be easy but I'm going to give it a try00:14
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Romsteri have a chroot already setup for that jaeger02:34
Romsterbut other than core changes i've used the more modern opt contrib xorg repos02:35
Romsterof course some stuff that's for 64bit will fail though02:35
jaegerI was only thinking of the ISO packages, myself, anything else can be left to the user02:54
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juejaeger: great, tell me if we need fixes/changes, please09:08
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jaegerinteresting... somehow the output of 'time' manages to bypass shell redirection13:53
jaegerthe man page says it's stdout13:53
jaegerah, /usr/bin/time and 'time' are different. yay for shell builtins vs. executables13:56
jaeger{ time <command>; } 2> time.txt13:58
jueRomster: perhaps you like it how I extract -j/--jobs from $MAKEFLAGS, see opt/samba14:04
Romsterman make14:07
Romsterisn't any env var for JOBS14:07
Romsteror is it just not documented in the man page for make.14:09
juesamba is using it's own python stuff instead of make and honors a JOBS env variable14:10
juebut what I acutally mean is the use of awk instead of sed to extract the value of -j or --jobs of MAKEFLAGS14:11
Romsteryeah i see the awk14:12
jueI've seen that you are doing something like that in some/one other port14:12
Romsterlooks neater.14:12
Romsterboost has had something similer.14:12
Romsterlocal JOBS="$(sed -e 's/.*\(-j *[0-9]\+\).*/\1/' <<< $MAKEFLAGS)"14:12
jueyeah, and it works only for -j and not for --jobs14:13
Romsterdamn it.14:13
Romsterwho uses the long opt anyways -_-14:13
Romsteri'll change it later when i'm not so dyslexic and can't type too well.14:14
jueyou know I'm a awk fan, the trick here is that you can use a regexp for RS (= record sepatator)14:16
Romsteryeah i should learn awk more i fail to do that.14:16
jueso the script did a linebreak after a -j or --jobs any we print the first field after the linebreak14:17
Romsterjaeger, you can bump sqlite3-32 libogg-32 and mpg123-32 if you like, or i'll do those later on14:17
jaegerI'll take a look at them14:17
Romstermaybe awk could do the tons of regex i'm using now.14:17
Romsteron version sort.14:18
Romsterstill pretty crap and i haven't done any more work on it really.14:18
juemight be worth a try14:18
Romsteri would usually stay up to 2-3am but tonight i'm buggered.14:19
Romsterbbl too g'night.14:19
jaegerargh... stupid mistakes are annoying when it takes 2 minutes to rebuild the firewall config each change14:20
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