IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2013-05-22

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jaegerwell, that was a lot of hours later but finally got a chance to bump those02:42
Romstermust of forgot to git push then. as i just did them 3 port just now.02:50
Romsterthought you might of got to them sooner than i could.02:51
jaegersorry, was really busy today =/02:54
Romsterthat's ok02:56
Romsterbbl work03:01
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juehmm, that's not very nice, qemu 1.5 has rewritten stuff for usb and is using functions that are only available in libusbx > 1.0.1316:00
jueif version is < 1.0.13 using of libusb is simply disabled16:01
juefor test purpose I'm running libusb 1.0.16-rc currently and the function in question is not available there and the build breaks :(16:02
juehere's the error ->
jueFTR, qemu 1.5 builds/runs fine if I add a --disable-libusb16:22
Romsterhave you talked to the two groups?16:56
Romsterthat is one mess.16:56
jueRomster: not me, but frinnst talked with the libusb guys lately17:33
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teK_jue: so what's your suggestion?19:16
teK_I read about the changes, too19:16
teK_with 1.0.9 it built fine. Mhm. :)19:16
jueteK_: sure, 1.0.9 works because qemu's configure disables libusb if version is < 1.0.1320:43
teK_what are our plans for the future? use 1.0.16?20:44
jueteK_: well, it's more a decision between libusb and libusbx20:46
juebasically I'd prefer to stick with libusb because it's the original and they are doing a lot of new development lately20:47
juebut if libusb/libusbx are becoming more and more incompatible we have a serious problem20:49
juefirst example is qemu :(20:50
teK_maybe the qemu folks will fix21:03
teK_what's the current stable version of libusb? 1.0.9?21:03
jueyep, but 1.0.16 should be out soon21:05
teK_so I probably should file a bug at least initiating a discussion21:07

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