IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-05-23

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juefrinnst: any problems with new btrfs-progs?09:24
frinnstplease push :)09:45
frinnstits needed for skinny extents in 3.1009:45
jueok :)09:45
teK_and skinny extent's are frinnst's ting10:11
Lukc3.10? Oo11:12
LukcAre releases going to be versioned another way or something?11:13
frinnstthey have always gone from .9 to .1011:34
Romster.9 .10 .11 .1211:50
Romsterthat's all normal Lukc11:50
LukcOh. I thought you were talking about Crux releases. -,,-14:45
LukcSorry. >,,<14:46
frinnstbunch of xorg security updates17:47
frinnst.. but no new releases17:49
jueyeah, just read it ->
frinnstdebian are pushing fixes right now17:51
juevim jumped over the 1000 patches line, current version is 7.3.1005 ;)18:00
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