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Romsterfrinnst, now pango is out 1.32.6 and there is now 1.34.102:29
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Romstermy /dev/dvd symlink is gone again, wtf is up with udev02:59
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frinnst.18 is already out06:51
frinnstIm aware re. pango 1.34.1.. but it depends on a newer fontconfig06:51
frinnstand sepen is on his honeymoon thingy06:52
frinnstplethora of xorg releases this morning07:18
frinnstnothing major but i suspect many of them resolves the recent security issues07:18
frinnst if anybody feels restless :)07:20
Romsteryeah tons of xorg i saw the mails comming in as i left back to work07:38
Romsterwho's updating xorg? if no one i'll do it after i go back down the street and order pizza07:39
frinnstI'll update anything thats left when i get off work (~7hrs from now)08:11
teK_meaning I will be subject to a *tremendous* amount of security bugs for the next 7 hours?08:25
Romsterless i'll do it after i eat this pizza and garlic bread09:12
Romsterunless teK_ is in xorg and is keen?09:12
Romsteri forget shos in what group09:12
teK_I'm in guid 0  but I won't touch xorg :-)09:13
teK_+ I'm only joking09:13
Romsterheh k09:13
Romsteri know your root09:13
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juefrinnst: I see a lot off new messages at xorg-announce, is there anything left to do?10:22
Romsteri was about to start now10:22
Romsterunless jue wants to do all of the updates?10:23
jueno, I've a lot of other uodates to do ;)10:24
Romsterk i'll do those so you can work on opt/core10:24
frinnstjue yeah I just mentioned it. I'll do anything thats left over once I get off work10:39
Romsterfrinnst, so what i said earlier about harfbuzz-icu10:45
Romsteri can patch webkit (i think)10:45
frinnstill look at it after work10:58
frinnst..... aaand a customer calls11:06
Romsteri hate when that happens11:13
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frinnstou, gcc 4.8.116:10
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jaegerhrmm... must try it18:18
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frinnsthm, so the adobe source fonts.. otf or ttf?20:34
teK_I can't tell the difference tbh20:35
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teK_you don't have to.. it's just that I found them to be really good:)20:35
frinnstI have otf packaged. dunno if more libs etc use ttf so maybe a better choice?20:35
teK_idk either :|20:35
frinnsti'll sleep on it :)20:37
jaegerI've built gcc 4.8.1 with gcc 4.8.1 3 times now with no problems. Will keep using it for a few days20:39
teK_k thx frinnst20:39
jaegertime to build firefox with it  :)20:47
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jaegerwell, firefox seems fine with 4.8.121:29
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