IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2013-06-02

jaegeryay, just got my 2nd rpi01:28
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Romster2harfbuzz built if you sed off the tests directory in Makefile.in03:14
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frinnstoops, forgot to commit & push11:06
Romster did icu get removed already off that page?11:36
Romsteroh you did remove it, good.11:37
Romsterthat harfbuzz was driving me crazy11:37
Romsterdon't know why webkit can't build without icu11:37
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frinnsthm, maybe i should fire off a mail for the sans icu test errors12:39
Romsterthey probably shoudl ifdef that block to not test for them if icu is disabled.13:32
frinnstyeah reading through the ml it appears the new build system is not finished. i'll hold of pestering him for now13:54
Romsterwonder why  they wold push that to a stable branch and not a new branch14:06
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frinnstI count 4 xorg ports that still has yet to be released for the security issues:14:58
Romsterwell xorg-server has but it's a rc2 iirc14:58
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frinnstxorg-server wasnt vulnerable iirc?15:05
frinnstskoda roomster D;15:06
Roomsterlaptop in bed15:07
Roomsterdunno too tired to care15:12
Roomsterpretty sure i saw a rc2 on xorg-server or was it libx11 shrugs15:12
frinnstyeah there's a rc for libx1115:13
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frinnstwtf is up with ? scp'ing at ~5kb/s23:00
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teK__usually: nothing23:04
teK__i.e. it's the routers/nw-gear in front of it23:04
teK__maybe you remember my troubles with logging in via ssh FROM crux.nu23:04
teK__works exactly once, but the next tries all will fail for quite some time (days?)23:05
frinnstyeah i remember.. but wtf?23:06
teK__never got that either23:10
teK__Oh and as a follow-up on the source-sans font.. I'd take it up myself but I don't know what the others think of xorg-* stuff showing up in opt/contrib :o23:14
frinnstoh right, forgot about that23:14
frinnstsry, ill do it tomorrow :)23:14
teK__no need to excuse/hurry :)23:15
teK__thanks a lot23:15
teK__now I only got to finish this form-automation stuff and then I'll reward myself with another episode of elementary23:15
teK__haha stupid kid23:20

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