IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2013-06-04

horrorStruckvenice is so romantic01:44
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jaeger <-- interesting footprint mismatch for xorg-libx1113:57
frinnsti replaced a bunch of (empty) when i upgraded13:59
Romsterdo we even need them locales?14:00
Romsterconsidering we strip out locale stuff on /usr/share/locale14:01
jaegerI have no idea if X uses them14:03
frinnstwhat do the files contain? only comments?14:03
jaegerlooks like locale-based multi-key lists for special characters14:05
Romstersomething like that in curly braces14:05
jaegercompose key definitions, I guess14:05
jaegerThe XLC_LOCALE files contain xlocale database samples14:07
Romstermight be needed for fonts i guess.14:07
jaegerI'd say don't worry about it unless others are reporting it, too14:07
Romster# Note: The UTF-8 locales don't work correctly yet. Work in progress.14:07
jaegerI have MATE installed, could be some docbook or XML interaction is messing with those14:07
Romsterpossibly as i got docbook here too.14:08
Romsterlooks like it's got it's own locale stuff like glibc does.14:09
Romsteri never really diged into xorg to see what every file does.14:09
Romsteri guess this release adds more locales and removes the empty file place holders.14:10
Romstergiving that footprint change.14:10
frinnstnew automake released, im *NOT* pushing it this time, always fall to shit when i do :)15:45
juewimp :)16:09
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sepenhey, I'm back20:30
sepenwow too many updates and work to do ;D20:30
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frinnstaye, congrats!21:33
teK_and instantly he must'nt talk to us anymore21:34
teK_brb (have to switch rooms, *hint* *hint*)21:35
sepenyeah, thanks guys22:18
sepenI was dinning, I gain 1 hour flying from Canary Islands to Valencia22:19
sepen*I was having dinner22:20
sepenanyway I'm a little groggy and tired22:28
sepenRooomster: I had problems building three xorg-*-32 ports22:49
sepen"error: static declaration of '_XEatDataWords' follows non-static declaration"22:49
sepenfull log:
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