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Romsterjue, is eudev a drop in replacement for udev?10:39
Romsterprint(OUT "# This file is part of systemd.\n" .10:44
Romsterthey forgot to remove that bad word systemd10:45
frinnstRomster: it aims to be iirc11:32
Romsteryeah without the systemd bits11:36
Romsterbonsaikitten> that's technically correct11:36
Romster<bonsaikitten> since udev and kmod and everything else is now part of systemd ... ;)11:36
RomsterLukc`, hi so whats your involvement in crux? seen you in here for awhile but what do you do?11:38
frinnstuse it? :)11:46
jueRomster: yes, should be ;) running it on my laptop since some months, no greater issues so far11:58
jueRomster: but note the soname is different to or udev, thus recompiling of other stuff necessary11:59
Romsterah forgot about that stuff, re-linking to different so name12:03
Romsterit's ugly and then some function name references wont be in the same locations in the library sometimes.12:05
Lukc`I had no doubt about the ugly part. :312:05
Lukc`But ok.12:05
Romsterjue, would you say it's plausible for a replacement too udev? i may try it out on my distcc farm first.12:06
juenot sure yet, using the makefile from LFS, which extracts udev from the systemd sources, would be another option12:09
Romsteryeah i'd expect random breakage on some version bump in future.12:10
Lukc`That, and LFS may also decide to stop using udev.12:11
Romsterheck i sure hope that never happens they'll start using eudev :)12:12
Lukc`I think they considered using a static /dev at some point. Not sure though.12:12
Romsteryeah going back to the old static route.12:12
Lukc`I saw a presentation about eudev at FOSDEM.12:13
Lukc`I had the impression a bunch of kids were doing the fork. :|12:13
Romsterchances of eudev getting in to major distros?12:13
Lukc`Gentoo, maybe.12:13
jueLukc`: yep, that's partly my impression as well12:13
Romsterwish someone would fix up dbus too.12:14
Romsterthough i dd see some comments about merging udev into the kernel.12:14
Lukc`dbus? Is that still used?12:14
Romsteror was that dbus12:14
Romsteryeah sadly.12:15
Romsterbut hal isn't anymore.12:15
Lukc`I think some Linux guys wanted to fork udev themselves, or part of it, for whatever reason.12:15
Romsterone of?12:15
Lukc`One more than the others.12:16
Romsteri'd consider many changes including the no /usr in it's own mount point.12:16
juethe next big point will be the dbus integration, if you look at the latest systemd commits you'll see that Poettering is more or less exclusive working on it12:17
Romsterhonestly the big foundations seems to be set on pulling in the kitchen sink. while other smaller groups are forking and keeping stuff minimalist.12:17
Romsteroh linus was not impressed on that one.12:18
jueLukc`: it was something related to firmware loading12:19
Lukc`If you say so. :]12:19
Lukc`Yeah. That.12:21
RomsterGreg, I think you need to step up here too. You were the one who let12:22
Romsterudev go. If the new maintainers are causing problems, they need to be12:22
Romsterfixed some way.12:22
Romsterthe day greg let it go the day a part of linux died.12:22
horrorStruckthe eudev video is very painful to watch. anyone watching this will never want to use that code i guess :P14:31
frinnstteK_: how much stuff did you get done on the backup server?14:33
teK_about 0,014:34
teK_I thought it did not work anymore, tbh14:34
horrorStruckLukc`: can't remember where it was but i think so. i felt so embarassed for the eudev guys...14:45
Lukc`Yeah. :/14:46
Lukc`I was there in real life during the whole presentation.14:47
horrorStruckit's the one where greg kh and lennart were present. the eudev guys ended up saying they knew not much about that stuff and were doing it just to learn. it sounds absolutely fine but only if you start your project explicitely saying this :)14:50
Lukc`They were here. :|14:51
Lukc`They got chocolates.14:51
horrorStruckah yeah, forgot about this. didnt lennart refuse them?14:52
horrorStrucki was very disappointed to see his reaction14:52
horrorStruckah ok maybe, not so clear on a crappy youtube video14:53
horrorStruckin all honesty, i use systemd on CRUX since months now, i completely forgot about it, it's super fast, "rc" scripts come with upstream source and it has some nice "bonus" features. IOW, i like it :) oh and yeah, you can find me yelling at it in CRUX channels' archives :)15:07
Lukc`But, trying to merge so many tools into one seems like a bad design decision, no matter how well the software runs, IMHO.15:14
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