IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2013-06-13

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juegood morning07:26
juehmm, our irclogger doesn't work currently07:27
frinnstdoh. well you havent missed much :)07:36
Romsterprologic is off too hmm08:51
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frinnstSo i did a compete restore yesterday. everything went fine except alsa is acting up again13:49
frinnstexactly the same thing happened last time i redid my /13:49
jaegerhow odd13:54
Romsterwhat's alsa doing frinnst ?14:35
Romsteri've mangled with that beast in the past.14:35
frinnstit fucked up the mixer somehow14:51
Romsteroh so even saving the state wont work?14:51
frinnstno, not that14:52
frinnstthe mixer seems unrelated to what actually comes out of the spekaers14:52
Romsterthen you probably got the wrong sound device selected then14:52
Romsteror i'm too tired to think. i'm gonna head to bed before i pass out.14:53
frinnstno, its not that14:57
frinnstits just fucked up14:57
frinnstlast time it started working the day after14:57
frinnstafter i did some trivial change that shouldnt affect anything14:58
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sepenjue: thanks for pointing out the makeflags issue with dosfstools17:39
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